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Beyond the Tribe


I had just finished reading The Handmaid’s Tale and was staring headlong into two more fiction books on my 2018 Reading List. But with two already under my belt, I just couldn’t bring myself to dive into more fiction, so soon. I don’t read a lot of fiction – or at least I haven’t in years. Most […]

Bojana’s Story

Bojana is one of the truly inspirational writers, and commentators, in the blogosphere. She challenges us all, constantly, to have better ideas. Write better stories. Be better people. This week she took up a challenge of her own, set by two of our mutual friends. Bojana grew up in the former Socialist Federal Republic of […]

Versatility is King

I’m sure you signed on today expecting a review of an incredible Super Bowl, a rebuke of the un-American idea of a military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, a tribute to Falcon Heavy, or something exalting about Mrs C leading up to the annual Day of Love. Sorry to disappoint. To please the congregation, I’ll say […]

The Handmaid’s Tale


Tyranny is the unrestrained exercise of power. It is oppressive rule. A despotic use of authority. Whenever any person or group of people enforce their worldview upon another person or group of people it is a tyrannical act. To say that my way of living is better than your way of living, so your way […]

The Center Everywhere, by M.P. Baecker

This one moved me in so many ways. Absorb the amazing visuals first, and then look at them again at the end. While reading, you won’t want to stop and appreciate their power, because the power of her words are too compelling. Who we are does not discount who anyone else is, and they do […]

The Words of the Wulf

the words of brandewulf

I was honored this weekend to be considered for Brandewulf’s latest deep dive, where he scrolls back to the beginning of a blog, reads the entire body of work, and comments on what he’s found. His astute observations were welcome, and his praise was humbling. If you’ve been with me a bit, you know there’s […]

Us And Them

allegiance, us vs them

Ben said, “I never found allegiance to any group appealing and I’m skeptical of folks who do.” I clicked the like button, scooped up my lunch bag, and headed home from work. I was on my way to a night of homemade organic beef egg noodle spaghetti, garlic bread, and Black Mirror. It was Mrs […]

Creating Hangar Space (as the Rogue goes down)

Rogue under assault

I walked away from the computer for a minute, yesterday, to get a few chores and errands done. I never came back. It was my day off, the only one I get during the week. The other one, Sunday, is still being entirely swallowed by the NFL because, you know, #playoffs. I don’t need the […]

Eye of the Beholder

imperfect information

Had a little down time yesterday, so I played with my theme a bit. If you read that too quickly, it might have sounded wrong. 😉 I don’t dislike the format I’ve been using (Carbon Lite). I switched to it a couple of months ago, from the simple Twenty Sixteen that the site defaulted to […]

We Are Not But One Thing

By Allan Ajifo [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

  The message I want to deliver to you today is simple: we are not but one thing. We are allowed our dichotomies. We should embrace our multiplicities. As I have mentioned in the past, I am a man with a mission. Statement, that is. Every time I get into the mood for reevaluation, for […]

The Time Keeper

time keeper

“We do not realize the sound the world makes—unless, of course, it comes to a stop. Then, when it starts, it sounds like an orchestra.” I finished the first book of my 2018 Reading List. In pure math terms I’m about 2 ½ pages per day ahead of schedule. But that’s an illusion. I didn’t […]

The Rams Are Back in the Playoffs


Today, it’s all about the Rams. I became a Los Angeles Rams fan, as a child, out of spite. As a teen, it was because of Eric Dickerson. When I became a post-teen (a young adult?) there was Jim Everett, Henry Ellard, and Flipper Anderson. As I became a full-fledged football aficionado, a fan of […]

To Be Among the 8%


“If you’re not getting older, you’re dead.” ~Tom Petty I’m running behind. It is the 4th day of 2018, and I’m finally starting to feel like I did on the last day of 2017. Yes, I partied well. A friend of mine wrote a hard-hitting, powerful, and sagacious piece, on the 2nd to the last day […]

2018 Reading List — Dylan Andersen

I had to share this one, too! My list inspired a list, and I’m proud of that, yes, but I also love what this budding, young blogger is doing on a daily basis. The essence of writing is discovery, and this man continues to explore his own strengths and motivations and, as he does, he […]

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