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The bulk of the week, this week, has been taken up by the incredible amount of energy and attention a major move entails. Because we had plenty of time and a short distance to hop we were able to get a lot of non-essentials over early and often, but crunch-time is ever the bitch. I don’t even mind the moving of things; the stress is in figuring out where things that fit so perfectly in the old are going to fit in the new. But the hardest part is saying goodbye to the memories. That’s even harder on Suzie.

When we moved into the Cal Ore house, in 2004, we brought King, Maverick, Muse, Mischief, Marlboro, and Majesty. Two dogs and four cats. We added a beautiful bird, Baby, along the way and raised her until her unexpected death in 2014. We added Moxie in 2009 and Ludo in 2015. We lost all of the others along the way. The memories of the fallen are the hardest to walk away from; only pictures will remain.

I will miss the deck, and the living room where we had all the parties. I’ll miss the blue tile, believe it or not. I’ll miss the office where I wrote so many adventures, so many journal entries, and where I started my blog. I’ll miss the hot tub. I’ll miss the hell out of the hot tub come winter. I’ll miss all the storage.

I won’t miss the rocks in the backyard, I won’t miss the railroad ties. I won’t miss the floors or the popcorn ceilings. I won’t miss the leaking roof in the garage we never could figure out. I won’t miss looking off the back of my deck into the neighbor’s bedroom, and I sure as hell won’t miss having a neighbor looking down on me from theirs. I won’t miss that old gate. I won’t miss the ungodly amount of leaves that collected in my front yard. I won’t miss the Cal Ore hill.

Every change has an equal amount of good and bad in it. Every cloud has a silver lining and every rose a thorn, they say. I look forward to the change just as much as I regret it. The new backyard is big enough to be a park to the boys, and they already cherish their visits there. That alone makes me love the move.

I like the openness of the inside of the new house, and the privacy in the backyard. I like to look off my deck and see no one living behind me. I like that there’s carpet everywhere; I detest hardwood floors. I like the faster internet and the double doors leading into the master bedroom. I like the steep driveway. I don’t know why, I just do. I like the new deck, maybe better than the old deck. I like the extra closet we get. I absolutely love the neighborhood.

The bulk of the week, this week, has been taken up by hustle, bustle and emotion. My body is sore, my brain is tired, and my heart is torn. I’m about as excited as I’ve ever been in my life. I had to make hard choices to get here but I know they were the right ones. I leave behind a shell of memories this week and stack my stuff before a new hearth. I can’t wait to start piling up the nostalgia.

It’s good to be home again. 🙂

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  1. I’ll remember staying the night to watch the dogs, or just to hang out and watch movies I wasn’t allowed to watch at home. The dogs checking on me all night.
    For a while almost weekly visits!
    The house I left my car at to get my first tattoo hehe
    Parties where my uncle asked me some well, questionable questions. Lol
    New Years that one year not so long ago but so much has changed.
    Standing in the kitchen talking about loss and changes and so many good things.
    I also like the blue tile and am not fond of hardwood! And that hill sucks.
    Can’t wait to bring the girls to “the park” to frolick with the pups. And make more memories.

    1. Those are FANTASTIC memories, Dani! Can’t wait to get together at New Casa for more questionable questions and long talks … come by anytime!

      Oh, and did you notice I kept the “politics” out of this entry for ya? 😉

  2. I am so excited to see your new place! I never had the chance to visit your other house. I love you writing skills. I cried, smiled and at the end just wanted to hug you tight. You are an amazing writer and I look forward to reading the book that I know you will write. Best seller! No 1. Love and miss you.

    1. Thank you, sister! Love and miss you … had such a great time this summer, albeit all too fast! Can’t wait to get you up here to hear the crickets, drink some deck beers, and swat some skeeters! 😀

  3. Best of luck at your new place. I would really like to move just outside the city but I’m waiting to see where my kids end up. Hopefully somewhere close to us and each other so I don’t have to go far. I would not want to give up my weather, closeness to the beach and hiking.

    1. I miss the beach the most, Maria! I like the hot weather but the beach has a calming effect on me like no other place … thanks for reading and for the well wishes!

  4. Memories is the only thing we can cherish from the past that hang around a lifetime. It’s time to let the old house become a memory to! A past chapter. Just don’t bookmark it cause you’ll never be able to read ahead !

    1. That’s good advice, Robert … especially the “bookmark” part … gotta leave the past behind and forge ahead to new surprises …

      Just hope I don’t get to “The End” too soon. 😉

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