Congratulation to the Golden State Warriors! By all accounts, it’s been a season for the ages, and the fans have good reason to be proud. The organization is dedicated to winning, and it’s a fun team to watch. Can’t imagine this is the end of the run.

I didn’t watch. I caught about a quarter of game 4, and less than 10 minutes of game 5. If my memory serves me correctly, that’s all the basketball I watched this season.

I used to be a bigger fan. In my history as a basketball guy, I’ve always paid attention when the Lakers were doing well, and never any other time. I don’t remember what they call that kind of fan. Front-runner? I imagine there are a lot of Warriors fans out there that haven’t watched much basketball in years. I’m okay with that. Jump on while your team is good. I probably will again someday, too.

Or maybe not.

I’m notorious for saying I haven’t paid attention to baseball since 1988, the last year the Dodgers did anything of note. But that’s not entirely true; I didn’t watch much baseball then, either. I listened to a lot of baseball in the early 90s, while out mowing them lawns, but that’s about the only era I ever paid attention. The big strike that cancelled the World Series gave me an excuse not to care anymore. Haven’t much cared since.

I’ve tried. For the sake of conversation with other baseball and basketball fans I’ve tried to care as much about the other two big American sports as I care about football. The fact is, I just don’t. Football is on my list of top 5 passions in life. No other sport makes the top 100.

I suppose it has as much to do with time as it does with passion. There are only so many hours in a day. I love to read, love to write, love politics and superheroes and gaming and grilling and chilling with a beer on a quiet deck. Or chilling at a bar with a cadre of n’er-do-wells. I don’t watch much TV at all. Honestly, I like listening to music while doing chores more than I like listening to sports. There are just too many distractions. There are just too many other passions.

So congratulations to the Golden State Warriors and their fans. I’ve been paying attention to your historic run, in social media updates and small news bites. It’s been fun. You should be proud. I’m not on the bandwagon and the next time I watch basketball will probably be June of next year. Don’t worry about that. Love it for all the reasons that you do. I’ll be over here getting caught up on my love of words and stories, and waiting for the gridiron warriors to take the field again.

86 more days.

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