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I was honored this weekend to be considered for Brandewulf’s latest deep dive, where he scrolls back to the beginning of a blog, reads the entire body of work, and comments on what he’s found. His astute observations were welcome, and his praise was humbling. If you’ve been with me a bit, you know there’s quite a few entries – 152, counting this – and some of them quite verbose.

I encourage you to return the favor and click his link. You’ll find a beautifully-crafted site with what can best be described as some of the most alluring and poignant poetry on the web. You’ll also find one of the biggest music fans on the planet, with a look at some of the greatest lyrics ever produced, and a weekly (or more) breakdown of songs by the immortal rock band, Rush.

I learned many things about myself during Brandewulf’s deep dive, and quite a bit about him. We have, in many ways, led analogous lives. He is a high-level optimist, like me. We are both middle-aged men, who married our significant others in the same month of the same year. We’re animal lovers. We have unconventional political and religious views. We are both unapologetic geeks, and we were the gaming masters of our RPG groups growing up. We’ve lost friends, too young. We love football. We even quit smoking at the same time, more than ten years ago. The more he read the more he found similarities in habits, hobbies, and personality traits, prompting one response to begin with: “Are you me from a parallel universe?!”

His musings on my musings were the highlight of my weekend. It’s good to find a friend; even greater to find a kindred spirit.

But not everything about us is the same. He doesn’t drink beer, for one thing. He’s shut off the political commentary, that filters in, for now. I don’t blame him for that. The current state of American politics is untenable. He has been through a catastrophe that I can’t even imagine. He lost virtually everything in Katrina.

We grow through the connections we make. As humans, we grow. We learn about ourselves through the eyes of another in the same way that we learn about them. If we allow it, they can change us, turn us into better people. I hope to take the lessons Brandewulf taught me, this weekend, and become a better Tom.

In the days and weeks to come, I will explore the evolution of the Wulf. It will take me longer; my focus on any one thing, for any great length of time, is not as refined as his. I’ll break it down into the categories he has provided, starting right to left, with Rants, Thoughts, Musings, and then Poems. I will listen to a lot of Rush.

I’ll surely let you know what I find, but I think you should learn for yourself. Give yourself a treat this week, and go enjoy the liquid writings of Brandewijn Words.

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  1. I am humbled beyond words. I don’t do my deep dives to gain anything other than the insights and points of view of the people I dig into. Seriously…you’re making a Wulf freaking blush right now. And the fact that you are now singing Rush songs around others is just so freaking cool it makes me want to dance like no one is watching. Thank you, my friend. Thank you for such amazing words.

  2. I’m looking forward to the deep dive. I’ve followed Brandewulf for some time but haven’t yet figured out what direction he’s taking. In that sense he’s like myself—my blog is all over the place with stories, poems and commentary, but very little interaction with my audience. I see an appeal to the artist there, but I need a guide to bring out the meat and potatoes. This has nothing to do with his posts not being clear. I’m just not a person who pursues a blog unless it speaks directly to my interests and I haven’t found that there. But there is a way about his presentation that tells me I must be missing something.

    1. Hey I completely understand. I am not sure you will ever find a specific direction for my site other than me being observational by what gabs and moves me at the moment. I think I try to find the human condition within me and give words to the feelings…thereby allowing others to say “Yes…that’s it, but I’ve just never been able to express it.”

  3. Oh…I forgot to say I had accidentally removed the Katrina link from the header selections. If you click it, start at the oldest dated post first to get the chronology right.

  4. “Are you me from a parallel universe?!”😂😂 what a wonderful thing to discover!! I could say the same about you! It is truly great to meet kindred spirits! Thanks for another great blog recommendation!

  5. So cool to have someone do that kind of objective analysis. I too love the Wulf. His poetry especially inspires me. I don’t know about a “better Tom” though–I already think you’re pretty awesome.

  6. When I returned to work, a few colleagues told me how much I had been missed and what an asset I am. I was blown away. If all of us can reach out and tell others when we appreciate them or their work, we could change someone’s day/experience/existence. You are an amazing writer Tom. When I read your posts, I imagine The Wise Man of the Web sitting on a rocking chair in a cabin by a lake, smoking a pipe (that’s you, btw). A well-deserved deep dive. Love.

    1. I am awestruck by the images I’m given by others, of late. Thank you so much for the kind words, Trace; I’m gonna run out and buy a pipe. 😉

      You have inspired me more than you know, with your own words. I can believe that what your colleagues have said to you is heartfelt. ❤️

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