The Heat is On

According to the weatherman, the big heat is coming. We’ll jump from the low 70s to the mid-80s in one day. We’ll jump into the low 90s the following two days. By Friday, we’ll see 100 degrees even. At that point we’ll see 8 straight days of 100-plus weather. That’s some sweat.

My property management company has been real good to me during this crisis. The day I informed them of my plight they had a guy over to assess the malfunction. He declared the unit dead. That was Saturday night, over the holiday weekend. By Tuesday, the first working day following, I had two air-conditioning contractors offering to come get a bid. By Thursday, they both submitted their bids and told me they were about “two weeks out.” Understood. This is the busy season. I know that some companies are even further out than that. They accepted a bid. My property management company then ordered up about a week’s worth of colder weather after a short bout of Redding heat. I was thankful for that.

That two-week mark is coming up this Thursday. If all goes well, we’ll have a new air conditioning unit in the house just before the 8-day, 100-degree stretch. If all goes well. I understand there are those in queue ahead of me, and a million things can happen between now and Thursday to delay (or, in a brighter, happier universe, to expedite) the process. My fate is in the hands of the whimsical gods of personal comfort now. I will sacrifice slabs of meat on the BBQ to them tonight.

In the meantime, I have my fans ready. I have cold beer. We have been through this before, in other domiciles with other gods and other companies of air-conditioning prowess. We have endured the heat.

The wife and I are strong in these matters. Moxie is a rock, taking all things in stride. Ludo, as you know, is something of a baby and starts to pant at night when the house is above 73. He doesn’t do well when all things aren’t going exactly his way. This will be a good lesson in perseverance for him. As if he hasn’t persevered enough in the last month, what with skin allergies and skunk sprays.

Nonetheless, it’s Monday, the weather is getting hot, the summer is rolling in, and we’ve got trials to endure.

We will endure, together.

[400 exactly. 😉 ]

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