The Center Everywhere, by M.P. Baecker

This one moved me in so many ways. Absorb the amazing visuals first, and then look at them again at the end. While reading, you won’t want to stop and appreciate their power, because the power of her words are too compelling. Who we are does not discount who anyone else is, and they do not discount who we are, either.

“If we become more aware of our self-centered inclinations, we would not lose our center, we would not fall off the edge of the world. We would not lose the world at all, but gain a new one, a world more whole and sound than ever before. A world more vivid than we can even imagine. A world of infinite centers.”

via The Center Everywhere

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  1. I can’t thank you enough Tom! It is truly an honor to be reblogged by you!

    You have inspired me so much and challenged me to think deeper and write better! I don’t my writing would be what it is now without you. A writer can’t hide behind superficiality with such intelligent, incredible readers!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m blushing!

    1. If I’ve had even the slightest influence on the thinking that caused such an extraordinary piece like this to come into existence, then I’m the one blushing! Just marvelous!

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