One Sunday In

With 87.5% of the games already played for week one, I have some thoughts:

The Colin Kaepernick saga continues. Kaepernick himself doesn’t play until tonight, but some players around the NFL joined his silent protest yesterday. A few, like Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters, stood for the national anthem but raised their fists in a traditional symbol of Black Power.

I remain where I was when this all began – stand, sit, raise your fist, cover your heart … it’s fine. It’s a free country and free means free to me.

I went into yesterday’s games having a hard time picking any powerhouse teams – teams that are immediately projected to be favorites to win it all. The Arizona Cardinals were one of the teams on my short list, but they fell in a hard-fought contest to a New England Patriot team minus Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and key members of the offensive line. The Patriots themselves might be the best team in the league come mid-October, but right now it would be hard to say there’s a true super-team. The number of close games we saw on the first Sunday of the season lends credence to the idea the league is especially competitive this year, with many contenders for the title.

We’ll see what Pittsburgh does tonight.

Eight quarterbacks threw for over 300 yards. Nine wideouts had over 100 yards receiving. One of them caught 12 passes during the game and closed in on 200 yards. Only one running back, Lamar Miller, broke the 100-yard mark in rushing. He ran for 106 yards, but it took him 28 carries to get there. Only seven running backs had 20 or more carries.

After some initial thoughts that the era of the running back had returned – with 2 top 10 picks in the draft going to ball carriers in the last 2 years – the overwhelming evidence is that the passing game still dominates in the NFL.

The feature back appears to be a dinosaur.

At this point, the decision to take the 2nd best QB in the draft with the #1 overall pick appears to be biting the Rams in the ass. Carson Wentz is 1-0 as a starter with a 101 QB rating. Jared Goff is a 3rd-string backup. Jeff Fisher, your thoughts?

Completely unrelated to sports, but what  the heck is really wrong with Hillary Clinton?

Thanks for taking the time to read … look forward to hearing your thoughts. The NFL is King!

Author: Tom Being Tom

Tom Being Tom is one man’s worldview, plastered on the digital world stage for all to see. He drank and knew things long before Tyrion ever did.

2 thoughts on “One Sunday In”

  1. Another fine entry sir Tom. Hope tonight’s games continue the competitive closeness we saw yesterday! Well the first game at least, the second game needs to be a stomp for Gabbert to continue starting lol. That comment bait at the end though 😉

    1. Yeah, a little bit. 😉

      Although, after weeks of speculation that I wrote off as right-wing attacks, yesterday had me legitimately concerned about her health. Although not a supporter, I do wish her the best.

      Love the name change, btw lol.

      Good luck tonight! May the best southern California team win!

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