For the last couple of Thursdays I’ve shared incredible work, by others, that has moved me. This trend continues.

Armond is an established writer, and a good one. I just downloaded his fiction book, Animus, and purchased his non-fiction treatise, Titans, released earlier this year. The subheading of his blog companion to Titans, which I borrowed as the title of this reblog, is “superheroes, philosophy, ethics, and politics.” That sums up his brilliant work exactly.

I don’t remember what key words I used to find Armond’s blog, back in the summer, but I’m so glad I did. Please give this sample a read. His review of the genre, coupled with his stunning insights about humanity, enhance my appreciation of both … and of Armond Boudreaux.

In the Dark Nights: Metal tie-in “The Batman Who Laughs,” we learn the origin of perhaps the worst villain imaginable in the DC multiverse: a Batman who lacks all morality––or, more precisely, a Batman who has the amorality of the Joker. “The Batman Who Laughs” opens in the past of Earth-22 (for those unfamiliar with […]

via “The Batman Who Laughs”: The Monsters That We Could Be — A Clash of Heroes

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