goodbye Summer of '17

After the wettest rainy season these bones can ever remember, we saw the hottest summer north of the infernal pits. According to prominent meteorologists and god-fearing theologians, Redding experienced 72 100-plus degree days in the Summer of ’17 compared to Perdition’s 92. That means, honestly, there were only 20 days one could say Redding was better than Hell.

But still…

The Summer of ’17 was one to remember fondly. We added (and briefly lost) the Rogue One to the family. We experienced the unnamed Tom Being Tom dot com June writing project together. I started clocking the last 365 days until I leave my 40’s. I was invaded by turtles and skunks. The missus and I went half a month, and roughly 12 100-degree days, without an air conditioner. We invented Pool Church.

And that just covers some of June.

Most of July, for me, was about prepping for, experiencing, and recovering from the week in Vegas where I renewed my vow of love. I can’t believe, to this very moment, how many people came to experience that day, that week, with Mrs C and I. I love her eternally, and love each and every one of you who came to be there with us, for us. Not just a highlight of the summer, but truly one of the great highlights of my life. Thank you again, everyone, for being a part of that.

August gave us more heat, more pool church, more birthdays, more parties and BBQs, more beer, more pics of my feet, my deck, and my dogs. Oh yeah, and I achieved dream control and met a goat named Rooster.

But now it’s done. The Summer of ’17 is in the books, a part of our personal history. The mornings get colder, the nights come earlier, the leaves will fall, the rains will come. We will wear pants again. Bonfires will be a thing, spooky costumes will come out, we’ll see the first decorations of Christmas, smell that turkey in the oven. We’ll bundle up. Maybe see some snow.

I’ve said it before that I don’t have a particular favorite season. I love them all. Fall brings football, winter brings Christmas, spring brings thaw and summer brings heat. Much to love about them all. The best one is the one we are currently in, whatever time of year it is.

“There are just so many summers,” Don Henley sang, “and just so many springs,” and that is true. And only so many winters and only so many falls. I relish the coming of a new one now. Packed away are the tanks and shorts. Out come the thermals and hoods.

So let us bid a fond farewell to the Summer of ’17. And let us bring in the only autumn we will know this year. Raise that pumpkin spice with me, my friends, and cheer…for fall is here, at last.

4 thoughts on “A Fond Farewell to the Summer of ’17

  • This was a great counterpoint to my trashing of Summer o’ 17. The sincere appreciation for what and who you have in your life are apparent and always inspiring. To me, reading a post like this is a far better expression of what I try to get across with all that Buddhist pontificating I do on my page, and it gets the point across far more effectively, even if that’s not what you were trying to do. In fact, the key in getting profound ideas across is often to just let it happen when that’s not really what you were trying to do. Here’s wishing you a great fall!

    • To you as well, my friend! Believe it or not, my sincere desire with Tom Being Tom has always been to get that very point across, without beating folks over the head with it: life is worth living; embrace your reality; find solace in who and where you are. I sincerely appreciate your philosophical musings of the same!

      Thanks for giving my ode a read; I hope my friends and family see your response and go check out today’s Friday Funhouse, and everything else you offer up over there. This guy’s the real deal, y’all!

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