What’s On Your Mind, Social Media Star?

If you’re on social media you’ve probably come to the recent conclusion that it’s hot outside. If you’ve gone outside you’ve probably come to the same conclusion.

I’m not disparaging the use of social media to project a sense of environment; that’s partially what social media is for. It is an avenue that allows each of us to present what we see in front of us, or in our heads, to the world. In a world where there is only one you, you are the star.

Scrolling down my Facebook feed this morning I see a happy Dodgers fan. I see someone asking for prayers and positive thoughts on their glaucoma. Somebody is celebrating their new work schedule. A couple of people are lamenting the coming day’s heat. One lady is appreciating two bachelors from a prominent TV show. Another is celebrating the start of her vacation. I see a cinnamon roll, a couple of plates of sushi, some flan, several beautiful families, a couple of beautiful boats, a blow-up alien watching a dog, a sad report on Otto Warmbier, and Mark Garcia giving away Train tickets.

One person is even asking people to post no pictures of the weather today. 😉

But that’s what we like. I like the comments and pictures about the weather. The photos of food. I value the laments and celebrations; I want to see what you’re up to. What you’re enjoying, or not. I like your show.

My own wall has me talking about having a beer. There’s Moxie from 3 years ago, freshly groomed and sitting on the deck at Old Casa. There’s Moxie and Ludo on the deck at New Casa for the first time, one year ago. I see a link to yesterday’s blog. I see a picture of me finally meeting a young lady named Trinity. And there’s my daddy, in uniform, from forever ago.

People tell me all the time that my show is all about beer and dogs. Or the Rams. Or all about my feet, or the food my wife is making me, or the food I am grilling for her. Some say I’m all about parties, or tacos, or politics. I’ve even been told that all I ever talk about is superheroes, or rompers, or my new car. I’m all about a bunch of one things.

You seem to be, too.

In the final analysis, what does it matter? It’s your show, talk about what you want. Regale me with weather updates, inundate me with love for your god, talk about baseball, show me pictures of cattle blocking the road, tell me about your new beginnings and your happy and sorrowful endings. I wanna know.

Don’t hold back. Tell me all about your day.

Or, as Facebook would put it:

“What’s on your mind, [friend]?”

4 comments on What’s On Your Mind, Social Media Star?

  1. While I have my own overwhelmingly negative opinions of FB, I won’t litter your space with my garbage. I agree with you, however, that we all have the right to paint our walls whatever patterns and colors we choose. No one as to look at them if they don’t want to.

    1. Your actually getting me to go back and read some of my own stuff now; cuz I’m like “what’s he talking about? Oh yeah!”

      I mean that. One of the central tenets of my life is everyone be themselves, and everyone else allow it, embrace it, and enjoy it.

      What a wonderful world it would be …

      1. Well that’s part of the problem with a deep dive…I do tend to comment regardless of the age of the post…so that puts some onus back on you. 😎

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