Seeing the Change We Want To Be


I believe the world is changing.

I know it’s hard to see from where we sit today. The view is clouded by the volume of misinformation, the facts of history, our knowledge of human nature, and all this inhumanity we witness. I woke up this morning to the same horrific words and images as you, of people around the world fleeing Libya and Syria. Of people dying while fleeing. I’ve seen devastation this morning in Haiti, again.

A friend of mine is evacuating his home today in Georgia, his wife and son already out of the house, because of Hurricane Matthew. I hope the evacuation is all for naught and they come home to the same conditions that they left. I hope with all my might. But the conditions around the world, the things we humans have done to the people and to the planet, weigh heavy on me today. We are all fleeing or hoping not to flee, or fight.

It is only a storm that lashes our shores and we can prepare for storms. We are prepared, we like to think, for any storm. In most cases we are not. The people of Haiti could not have prepared for the storm that struck them this week, even if they wanted to. There is no money. They are already torn. The people of Libya and Syria had no way to prepare for the storm of war that has destroyed their countries. Look at the pictures again. We are terrible.

But the world is changing. I believe that.

We think that the horrors of those war-torn countries, the atrocities we see there, cannot happen here. They cannot. Right?

They can. We are divided. We turn on each other for color, for creed, for politics. We have seen demagoguery in our national election that we have not witnessed in a generation or more. Every speech divides us ever further. The nation braces for unrest. We are another recession away from chaos. We are three minutes to midnight.

Another friend of mine told me earlier in the week that the mass of information we are privy to in this day and age is a burden. It fills our heads with misguides and falsities. It leads us astray and divides us ever further. I disagree. The pictures are there. The truth is spreading like contagion. There is misinformation abounding, yes, but the truth is tearing through the illusions like rockets through the night. And when they hit, devastation. Devastation for those clinging to power. Devastation for those clinging to the outdated notion that freedom and abundance are only for the few.

We are in a powerful era. We have seen the advent of the information age, and it has swept us into a whirlwind of confusion. Our old myths are dying. Daily I see the rise of real, modern thought and the falling away of broken ideology. Daily the bright light of knowledge casts away the shadows of ignorance. It’s a beautiful thing.

It’s a terrible thing.

The pictures and words I’ve seen this morning changed me a little. They were disheartening and encouraging because I know they are there for all of us to see. Unlike any other era in mankind’s history, we can know what is really happening.  We can look beyond the manipulations and we can see the truth.

I worked all week on a blog piece about being ourselves in a world that tries to mold us. It’s finished. It’s ready to post. It will wait. This is more important. The world is changing.

I think we’re looking at the last time we will settle for the worst candidates. I think we’re looking at the last generation that will turn their heads at the plight of the world. I think we’re looking at the last time we will allow war for oil. I think this is the last time that we will talk about building walls against the downtrodden or how lifting up the rich will make us all less poor. We fell for that once. We fell for that twice. We will fall for that no more. Nobody believes that stuff nowadays anyway, do they?

If they do this is the last time that they will. We are cutting through the web of confusion.

The world is changing.

At last.

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    1. It is, both sad and true. But, for the first time in history information is accessible to all. Knowledge is accessible. Wisdom is viral. Not only are the circumstances right for change, but it has become a must. At three minutes to midnight we have no other choice. We can’t let the short-sighted greed of others destroy what’s left of this planet, what’s left of humanity. I don’t know know what each of us can do, but until I know exactly what I can do I’ll just keep trying to spread the news. 😉

      Thanks for reading, Yolanda!

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