What’s your favorite time of the year?

I don’t have one. A favorite, I mean. I don’t have a favorite month or favorite season. Really, I like ‘em all. I don’t have a least-favorite season, either. I have a least-favorite day, though. Tuesday. I hate Tuesdays. But that’s a topic for another day. Tuesdays: Why They Suck by Tom Being Tom. Maybe next week. Today, I’m here to talk about what I like.

I like summer. That almost doesn’t need an explanation. Everybody loves summer. Long, hot days. BBQs. Lake parties. Swimsuits. There is nothing better than an ice-cold beer in a frozen mug on a hot summer day. Nothing. But it still isn’t my favorite time of the year. I like ‘em all.

There’s a lot to like about the fall. Or is it Autumn? Why do some people call it fall and some call it autumn? Is Autumn supposed to be capitalized? Is Fall? According to, the answer is no. Seasons are common nouns, not proper nouns. If you turn a season into a proper noun then you should capitalize it, but not if you use it as a common noun. Old Man Winter would require capitalization, even in the fall.

I kind of knew that.

What I didn’t know, at all, was the answer to my other question: why is it autumn, and why is it fall? I turned to Merriam-Webster for this information and found the explanation to be rather dull. Autumn came first and had something to do with the harvest. But folks were always enamored by the “fall of the leaves” (poets, especially) so in time “fall” became synonymous with “autumn.” In America, especially, the two words are interchangeable. Go ahead, mix ‘em up.

Autumn could easily be my favorite time of the year, if I had one. The summer fades and the days get cooler. The leaves turn color and make their way, poetically, to the ground. National elections happen. We could use another one of those right now. Halloween and Thanksgiving loom. Gridiron warriors make their way to painted battlefields. Football alone could make fall the greatest season of all. The Autumn Wind is a pirate, don’t you know?

Winter gets a bad rap, but I love winter. There are reasons to hate winter. The snow storms. The howling winds. The bitter morning cold. But there are reasons to have joy in the very same. Snow means winter games. Snowball fights. Snowmen.

Moxie and Ludo love the snow.

Where I live we get very little snow but we do get rain. We’ve had a winter full of rain.

I love the rain. I get a tranquil sense of calm when a rain begins. Also, I get to skip yard work for the day. That’s an important reason to love the rain. Today we are slated to get more rain and you know what? I’m good with it. Even when I’m tired of the rain I love the look and feel of it. Let it rain.

Winter always brings us Christmas. If you throw out all of the commercialism of it, there are so many things to love about Christmas. Who doesn’t love Christmas?

Some of you, I’m sure. Humbug on you. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

But I love ‘em all.

If the seasons are a circle then we’ve come full circle now. It’s about to be Spring. Oops, spring. Of all the seasons, spring is the one I want to capitalize the most. I suppose if you forced me into a corner and made me choose one season to spend the rest of my life with on a deserted island with only a handful of Matchbox 20 CDs, a player, and an endless supply of batteries, it would be with Spring that I would live.

Don’t try a sentence like that at home. I’m trained at this.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, spring is the beginning of the year for me. I don’t recognize January as the beginning of the year. We’re still in the middle of winter, for chrissake. Football is still on. You can’t have a big, enormous change to everything in the middle of something. You need a new time. That new time comes, for me, in March. Winter ends. Spring begins. The sun makes the afternoon downright cheery. The mornings get warmer. The days get longer. Much, much longer.

This was going to be a blog about daylight saving time, by the way. Per a friend’s suggestion. I’m 900 words in and I haven’t even mentioned it yet. Maybe next time. This is a blog about seasons.

And spring is the best season of them all. It’s the beginning of a new year for me. It’s my time for resolutions. A time to grill. It’s not too cold. It’s not too hot. The Goldilocks season. It’s just right. A time of renewal, where we put away the gloom we carried with us in winter, if we did. We have Sundays free because football is over. We get out in the yard. We’re out of the mud. We sit on our decks with cocktails in our hands and books in our laps and we just enjoy life for all its worth. It’s worth a lot.

I may love all the seasons and I may not have a favorite but that doesn’t mean that spring isn’t the greatest season of them all. I don’t have a favorite quarterback in the NFL but Tom Brady is still the greatest. Led Zeppelin is probably the greatest rock band ever, but Matchbox 20 is still my favorite. I may love every season equally but spring is still the best.

I’ll wrap this up with one last thought: I love daylight saving time. There, I said it. This blog is about daylight saving time now and I fulfilled my promise. Maybe next time I’ll talk about how it all came about and what its true purpose is. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll talk about football, dogs, beer, chocolate starfish, elections or unicorns. We’ll see. For now, go forth and enjoy the sunshine of spring. After the rain, that is. Enjoy the rain first, then the sun.

Enjoy it all. It’s here for you.

One last thing: leave me a comment about what your favorite season is, and why. I’m curious to know.

Now I’m done. Really. There’s nothing more below this paragraph.


Bye for now. 😉

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    1. Yup! Crazy what happens when you free write … didn’t you enjoy it?

      I mean, really … what was I gonna say about chocolate starfish, anyway? 😉

  1. We don’t have all seasons down here in the deep south. I love winter. I really do…and unless you’ve never met me, you KNOW my favorite band is Rush.

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