Creating Hangar Space (as the Rogue goes down)

I walked away from the computer for a minute, yesterday, to get a few chores and errands done. I never came back. It was my day off, the only one I get during the week. The other one, Sunday, is still being entirely swallowed by the NFL because, you know, #playoffs. I don’t need the Rams to have some fun.

But the mission was a simple one: drop off the Rogue, pick up the rental, grab my new box of contact lenses, and return to my reading/writing roost ‘til mid-afternoon.

That did not happen.

I’ll tell you more about what happened instead in a minute, but first you need to know about the Rogue.

During Memorial Day weekend, 2017, I went automobile shopping for the first time in 13 years. I did this because my 1998 Dodge Durango – which I loved, and had owned since 2003 – decided enough was enough with the whole “cooling the interior” part of its existence, and quit that altogether. Since Redding, where I live, is famously known to get above 100 degrees all summer, and often to 115, I decided this arrangement was not conducive with my near-term happiness. So, I shopped.

After test driving several vehicles, and laughing at the ridiculousness of a “Star Wars Edition” Nissan Rogue One, I finally settled on buying a 2017 Star Wars Edition Nissan Rogue One. In black. I bought it for the gas mileage and the features and the handleability. I also embraced the notoriety of owning a Star Wars car because I am an unapologetic geek.

The Durango, which served me faithfully, had exceeded all practical usefulness to the car dealer so I more-or-less gave it to a co-worker because his ex-wife’s family needed a car. I’m a giver like that. I threw in my old ping pong table because I knew he’d get use out of it, too, and it freed up garage space. I’m OCD about very little, but I am terribly OCD about garage space.

More on that in a minute.

So I waved goodbye to my old beater vehicle, which had never been harmed and was, despite its age and functional problems, still very clean. And I drove my shiny new galactic cruiser for exactly 69 days before a young miss turned a corner too sharply and hit the Rogue head on.

Nobody was hurt, but I lost the use of my starship for 32 of the first 101 days. Nearly $12,000 in insurance repairs. Bless the Imperial crews. Long live the empire.

Less than 3 months later, on December 30th, an even younger miss opened her door too quickly and damaged my rear hull. This insurance repair will only take a week, and cost less than $2000, but you understand the implications. The rebel forces are strong in Redding. They have recruited young misses. I am under attack.

Quite simply, the force is not with me.

But replacing that vehicle with another, temporarily, took me under an hour. The lenses, 15 minutes. Sending out fantasy football winnings, filling out a new patient form to see a doctor (one of my resolutions, as you’ll recall!), stocking up on the wife’s beer, and entering my appliance manufacturer bonus “spiffs” for the month of December all ate up, maybe, another two hours.

It was time to write, and read, and fill my brain with glory!

Except, I’m stiff. I need to get up for a minute, do some physical stuff on my to-do list. Take down the Xmas decs, for one. Move some stuff into the attic. Yes, just for a bit.

A half day later I had rearranged the entire garage. Remember my OCD?

To do so required also rearranging my shed to create “junk space,” my attic into a sensible arrangement, and some minor shuffling of closets inside the house. I was on the move!

This morning, I’m sore AF, as the kids say today. I’m also behind on my reading (by about 40 pages) and my writing (by however many words are in this today), and I am without my Rogue. But I have the most perfectly arranged garage known to man. At least, until I decide that the boxes of unused kitchenware would look better on the upper pantry shelf.

I wish I hadn’t said that.

So, if you find me racing to catch up on your entries from 2 days ago, and you find me saying nothing of particular value on my own blog for several days, forgive me. I got physical. I got manly.

I promise it won’t happen again. 😏

49 comments on Creating Hangar Space (as the Rogue goes down)

    1. life happens- wanna arrange my garage now? On an other note- still loving the refrigerator.

  1. I bought a new car in September 2016 after having Thumper (my old 2006 Yaris) for 10 years. I bought a new 2016 Yaris (Cricket) the same day that I returned home from a 10 day yoga retreat in Nicaragua I was rear-ended by an off-duty paramedic hurrying to get home. 7 days after that, while awaiting my turn in “the shop”, a fellow gym member backed his Hummer into my little Cricket. What is with new vehicles??? Thumper was 10 years old and had never had an accident…well except that one time…when it got bit by the garage door at work…anyway…It’s a test…I believe it’s a test and Karma for giving up our ole trusty faithfuls! 🙂 Go Pats!!

    1. I love the names for your cars! 😂

      It’s amazing how many people have stories of new-car damage, once I tell mine. I had a friend get in two accidents in her new car, on the same day! I think it’s a reminder to us, karmically-speaking, not to get too attached to “things.” 😉

      Your garage door story reminded me of the worst thing to ever happen to the Durango: my wife closed our old garage door on it. It was pretty much undamaged, but I did have $700 in garage door repairs. 😖

      I’m on the bandwagon with the #GOAT again, Nicola … go Pats! Sixth ring for Brady!

  2. You might be among the only people on earth I would find fascinating to watch in the act of buying a vehicle. The other is my friend Joe — a bona-fide Jersey Shore guido — who once entered an upscale Fort Lauderdale dealership with a lit cigarette dangling from his mouth, pointed at a car and told the befuddled sales person, “That one. Don’t, uhhh, don’t worry ’bout any of that fucking paperwork. I’m paying in cash.” However, both the stock and housing markets plummeted shortly thereafter, so he no longer has the actual cash to keep behaving like that.

    1. Joe sounds rather no-nonsense, I like that! I can’t figure out a damn thing about this comment that would make it go to the trash heap; unless it’s the f-word, and f-words are welcome and encouraged here!

  3. Sounds like you found the force in the form of organizational madness (the good kind of madness, of course). Obviously, I am not a car person, but my husband drives a 1999 Tacoma and I don’t think he will ever be able to part with it. My friends are gonna be so jealous that I know someone with a Star Wars car!!!!!

  4. sticking with the whole space theme, because I have nothing else to add, maybe your next accident will be with the chick with 3 knockers from Total Recall

  5. I enjoy your less profound posts because they make me feel less inferior. You’re doing a public service, tbh. Oh, and I buy my contact lenses online. It’s even quicker.

    1. This comment *eye roll because I can’t be bothered to find the emoji on the website you put me onto (being the wisest man on the web)* should be in reply to yours

  6. Nouttin’ but sympathy, dawg!!

    This is barely related, but I got rear-ended last week and the car totalled (by a total bitch without car insurance). Yay. We get the distinct pleasure of shopping for a new car, but most likely one that will have nothing to do with Star Wars (outside of my mind).


    1. Sounds intimately related to me, Justin! Sorry to hear about your accident, hope everyone is okay. The shopping experience can be a total pain in the ass but, luckily, things can be replaced. Happy hunting!

      And to paraphrase Kaylee from my favorite sci-fi of all time: “Don’t buy anything with a Capissen 38 engine, they fall right out of the sky!”

      1. I need to see Serenity. I dug the few episodes I saw of Firefly, but wifey isn’t the biggest geek and can’t stand westerns (she couldn’t shake the themes and imagery). Still, a widely celebrate film. I at least heard the first, iconic lines of Pirate Steve… you know, the sudden but inevitable betrayal.

      2. Oh yes! Great stuff. Now I need to pop in the entire series and watch it again. Mrs C won’t mind; she’s the one that turned me onto it lo those many years ago. 😊

      3. Haha! The wit in this series is second to none, and adds a dimension to the show the likes of which I have never seen. Joss Whedon at his very best!

  7. Thanks to you Tom, I now know what a Nissan Rogue one vehicle looks like! 😄👍 The storm troopers in the video were a nice touch! I first pictured something that looked like a Millennium Falcon on wheels, which probably would make a lot more sense as to why it would keep having accidents, but the actual Nissan Rogue is a LOT more streamlined and better looking! I can see why it’s worth keeping, also you can beat saying “I took the Rogue for a spin the other day…”

    1. “a Millennium Falcon on wheels.” 😂 Yes, that would be in all sorts of awkward environs and probably get me hit in parking lots, turn lanes, and asteroid fields constantly. 😉

  8. I’m currently rearranging my head and that’s what I’m gonna keep doing.
    All the rest is pointless with the kid around. I put in, he takes out. I take out, he puts in.

    BTW, I missed your posts AGAIN. I don’t know what’s going on. I didn’t even get an email.

    1. This distresses me greatly!

      Not the rearranging your head part, we should all be doing that, continuously. Not your head, our own. We should all be responsible for our own heads.

      I digress.

      What distresses me is you missing my posts! Did Us and Them show up in your reader, or in your e-mail? I scanned my settings to see if anything changed when I changed my format, but I didn’t see anything obvious. Hope it corrects; I’d hate to miss a single one of your profound responses!!

  9. I, too, am having issues with Tom showing in me reader. I think it’s a conspiracy. Or it’s the fact that since he and I are the same being from different planets in the multiverse maybe it’s that we aren’t allowed to be in the same Reader for fear of creating a quantum anomaly that would result in tachyonic bursts creating a tear in the time space continuum.

    Yeah yeah…I had my coffee.

    1. Hahaha! Well, does that mean that Bojana is the third parallel in our triumvirate of mulitversal analogues?

      Or, it could have something to with creating my site on BlueHost and not WordPress. I don’t know. This web stuff is above my pay grade. 😉

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