What Stephen King Told Me This Week

A couple of days ago Stephen King gave me some good advice about writing. Now, I’m not a delusional man so I’m not saying he came to me in a dream or somehow delivered information to me psychically, I’m saying he talked to me through his own writing. He told me to write every day. […]

Right v Left

I have an assignment for you. With the presumptive nominee in place for the Republican party and the presumptive nominee for the Democratic party all but assured, how assured are you that you know their true affiliations? We’ve seen the battle going on inside the Republican party between the people’s choice and the party’s choice. […]

Tavern Philosophy: Rethinking the Minimum Wage

Last night over a beer I had a partial conversation with a friend about the minimum wage increase. It was a partial conversation because it was being discussed in the larger context of the busy day. About how much we love cheese sticks. About how steep a price the Philadelphia Eagles paid to move up […]

For Love

Our lives get so complicted. The world is all expectations and it is easy in the hustle and bustle to lose ourselves, to become something other than genuine. I have, in many times past, lost myself to the distractions of life, lost my way – if I ever truly had one – and wandered far […]

The Best Thing I Do All Week

Since my last entry, nearly a week ago, I’ve been spending as much free time as possible researching phrases like “how to make money blogging.” It’s exhausting. I’ve absorbed thousands of words on the subject and learned about sites such as leavingworkbehind.com, problogger.net and minterest.org – resources I knew nothing about before. I feel alternately […]

How I Became a Rams Fan

When I was a kid I had no interest in sports. While my brother and the other neighborhood kids were playing touch football in the streets, or wiffle ball in the Wheelers’ driveway, I was pretending to be Captain America or Captain Kirk. Occasionally, Heath Barkley. I would run around with a wooden phaser in […]


This morning I woke up to the bitter news that a friend had passed. I don’t know the circumstances of his passing, only that one day he was doing the things he loved best — bowling and laughing with friends — and the next day he was gone. I’ve heard rumors of heart failure, which […]