Tom Being Tom

Spring Resolutions, Tom 4.0

As the long winter passes and the bright days of summer approach, I tend to make some promises. I’m not really a “new year resolution” kind of guy because the new year is smack dab in the middle of the most important two-month span in football. I won’t keep any promises with the playoffs approaching. […]

Going Dark

I haven’t had anything to write about since my last entry (Maverick, a tribute to my first golden retriever) so I haven’t written. Anything. No journal entries, no gaming adventures, no failed attempts at fiction, nothing. I’ve been uninspired. I’ve been busy. Between getting caught up at work, rewiring the electrical in my home office, […]

Tom, on Purpose

I have a personal mission statement. It’s important to have one. I think everyone should stop and consider their core purpose in this life from time to time to make sure their journey is aligned with their principles. Without it we’re all just wandering around in the thicket peeing on the trees. My mission statement […]

Picking the Prez

It’s easy to see why they call it super. The gains amassed by the frontrunners today in the dozen or so states holding primary elections have been, historically, insurmountable. If, as expected, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton show well on this particular Tuesday, they will be their party nominees. One of them will be the […]

Resistance is Futile

Resistance to the creative process can be overwhelming.

For the last 36 days writing has been easy. I get up on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning – right around 5:30 a.m. – and I start writing. Usually within 30 minutes I have a rough draft and usually within another 30 I have a finished piece. Some days the whole process takes less than […]

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