Other Things To Do Today

Yesterday was a longer one, by daily standards, so today I’ll keep it light.

I’m at the halfway point. I’ve found that, with a little effort, I have a topic or two to talk about every day. Maybe it’s something lighthearted (Church), sentimental (Married to Mary Poppins), sympathetic (For My Friend), introspective (Building A Better Tom), or important to all mankind (The Future is Unwritten). But it’s something. Every day.

Today I have a day in. I have so many things to do around the house. I could spend a week in and not get caught up. Homes do that to us. They own us. But the air-conditioning crew is coming to put in a new unit, and the expectation is an all-day job. I’ll catch up on some things, keep the boys company. But, dammit, I want to make some time for some reading, too. Maybe I could finish David Brooks’ Road to Character today, and start something new. I want to re-read every entry I’ve ever done for tombeingtom.com. I want to get some perspective on my writing. I’d like to dabble some more in fiction.

The problem with modern life is that we are all so busy, all the time. The things we want to do get trumped by the things we have to do. Unless you’re so passionate about something that nothing will stand between you and the doing of it, you’re left with a long list of stuff you’d like to do but always put off. I’m always putting stuff off.

I could spend the entire day making a list of things I’d like to do today.

But, instead, I’ll keep this entry brief and get to tackling things on a list I haven’t made yet. After that, I’ll start on chores. The A/C guys will be here around 8. I need to be ready.

It’s gonna be a long day of waiting.

But this part is over. Go spend your Thursday putting things off now, if you can. If you’re lucky enough to have that one thing you can’t wait to do, do it. Otherwise, take some time for yourself.

You’re a cool human; you’ve earned it. 😉

Author: Tom Being Tom

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His worldview was formed by the strange intermingling of comic book superheroes, socioeconomic politics, the Air Coryell offense, and an atheistic spiritual awakening.

He intends to save the world next Thursday.

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