On Crime

I woke up late today so I have to rush. As I said yesterday, I found 4 typos in the last 25 entries; I intend to make more today. No editing. I’m going to put down some random thoughts in 400 words and see what the raw post looks like. It could suck. But it will be brief.

As I opened the news page today on Google, there were two stories about brutality against Muslims that jumped out to me immediately. Sad times. The hate we see in the world is worsening. Hate is the easiest thing to stoke.

At “church” yesterday, my friends and I spent some time talking about crime in the local community. There are varying statistics as to the current crime rates in Redding, and some controversy over whether it is worse now than 5, 10, or 20 years ago. Information about it is certainly more accessible with instantaneous electronic news and social media reports. We know more about the crimes that happen, and we know about them quicker. Regardless (I won’t use irregardless again, Dylan!), the fact remains that Redding needs more police officers than they have. According to one report, Redding has 1.4 police officers per 1000 citizens. The California average is 3.6 per 1000, the national average is 3.4. For a town wrestling with crime, as we seem to be, that is not enough.

The city tried to pass a quarter-cent sales tax increase back in November to address the situation. Ostensibly. It failed to get the 50% vote it needed, apparently because the funds weren’t specifically earmarked for law enforcement.  But a couple of years earlier a similar bill, earmarked specifically for law enforcement, failed to get the 66% of the vote an earmarked bill requires. Redding is a tax-averse community so a vote requiring a super-majority to raise taxes is difficult to pass.

So we’re at a stalemate. We have rampant crime and few solutions. My friends and I joked about the city needing Batman. I’m not in favor of vigilante justice, but I do like cool costumes and gravelly voices. Plus, the bat-signal thing would look great in Redding skies.

I don’t think that’s the solution. More cops on the street, an expanded jail, and a chance for serious repercussions for criminal activity would all help stave the onslaught.

If we come together on anything out there, we need to come together on that.

Have a great Monday, now. Spread some cheer, but watch your backs.

And wear a cape. Capes are cool. 😎

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