One Foot In Front of the Other

I’ve been away from the keyboard for a couple of weeks, so the music of language is a little blurred today. I woke up with a hankering to get back into the swing of writing, but quickly had no ideas. So I poured coffee, opened a blank page, and just started to compose. Like Kris Kringle said to the old Winter Warlock you just put one foot in front of the other and soon you’ll be walking across the floor. I’ll put one word in front of another today and see what comes out.

So far, I’ve talked about Kris Kringle. That’s a blog first.

This week the Democratic National Convention is in full swing. Last week it was the RNC’s turn but I was out of town on a whirlwind family reunion tour. I saw none of it. I haven’t really watched any of the DNC this week, either, except for catching a replay of FLOTUS’ speech earlier in the week and a few minutes of POTUS last night. They both made great speeches. I’ve been a fan of Mr and Mrs Obama since the beginning, and I think Barack is one of the great orators of our time. It’s just fun to watch him talk.

I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I think Barack Obama has done a worthwhile job in the toughest seat in the land, following the worst president I can remember. I voted for the last four presidential victors.

But when it comes to the conventions I didn’t have a lot of desire to watch them. I’ve watched so many of them over the years that I can honestly say that what I’ve learned from watching conventions is that you learn absolutely nothing from watching conventions.

It’s a week-long sales pitch.

The R-one is great for people who lean to the right, the D-one is great for those who lean to the left. And that’s all you get in America, a two-dimensional image. 90% of the country thinks you’re either with them (a Republican/Democrat) or against them. It’s bizarrely shallow.

I lean farther to the left than any of them, and sharply down. I exist more on a grid, I guess. Even that is too confining, though. I think we’re more complex than that. I detest labels.

The latest polls show that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – the two least-liked candidates in history – are running pretty neck and neck, at somewhere around 45% each. That means, to me, that 90% of America is wrong. Can I write in Kris Kringle?

Last week, like I said, I was on a whirlwind family reunion tour and had a great time down in Hollister, then in Lake Don Pedro, and back into the city of Oakley for a wedding, in which I was the best man. I gave a speech. My first ever. I felt awkward but was told I did well. Was I loud enough? I walked away wanting to give more of them. I want to stand in front of people and talk. Maybe I’ll run for office.

In the meantime, once I’m settled purposefully in at the new pad, I’m going to jump online and put in some proposals to some writing sites I’ve found. I could make a living doing this, or at least feel pushed to do it more. It’s the best thing I do all week, when I’m not running whirlwind reunion tours, making wedding speeches, bashing dumb candidates, or drinking beer on Sunday mornings with pals. I want to do this every day.

Well, every day except Sunday, Monday, Thursday and occasionally Saturday in the Fall. Football is back in just 42 days and that’s going to require a great amount of my energy and concentration. While tracking fantasy stats, bashing dumb coaches, yelling expletives at the big screen and drinking beer on Sunday mornings with pals (some actions are perpetual), how will I write?

One word at a time, I suppose. One foot in front of the other.


If you want to change your direction,

If your time of life is at hand,

Well, don’t be the rule, be the exception,

A good way to start is to stand.


Kris Kringle nailed it.

Thanks for listening.

Sorry to ramble.

Sometimes you just have to let things write themselves. 😉

12 comments on One Foot In Front of the Other

  1. I’ll be at your side if you ever choose to run for office my dear friend. I’d much rather see you with a mic in one hand, a beer in the other, just being you on an elevated platform. There is a demand for original and viscerally human content.

    1. I thank you, sir, for the kind words. Knowing you would stand beside me – and hold my beer occasionally when I have to make a dramatic point with hand gestures – warms my heart and lends me confidence. Let’s go join toastmasters or something and brush up on our oratory skills. I’m not sure I’ll always be buzzed enough to get through every speech with aplomb, so I might need some dry practice. 😉

  2. Ha I was all good to read about Kris Kringle and then the downward approach to politics, but then peaked up again at family and stayed up with idea of you as president 😂 And yes yes you should write more and all the time and make it even more for yourself 🙂 see I can ramble too 😉

    1. Oh, I never doubted that! So, you’re saying you want to hear more about ME and less about Trump? 😉

  3. Tommy C for president! Seriously you are a great writer and I do believe you could make a living at it – follow your heart – and don’t forget us little folks when you make it big 😎 Love you baby brother!

    1. Love you, sis! Thank you!!

      And to balance out the ticket I’ll run with Dave; he’s already agreed to co-prez with me. 😉

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