All I can say is “wow.”

Which is strange because I’m generally a man of many words. But this last weekend was such a flurry of love and activity. I’ll do my best.

The first thing I want to say is how much I love this woman that married me again. Through all the chaos that is Tom Cummings there has been Mrs Cummings, Mrs C, Suzie – she has always been there to help right the ship through every storm. To say she is my rock is to understate the value and strength she adds to my life. To say I’d be lost without her is to assume I’d have a direction at all. Thank you, my love, for making life worthwhile.

And then I want to thank the rest of the people that came out to enjoy our day! You make our lives worthwhile every day with your companionship, your strength, your humor and your love. I’d take a little time here to thank each and every one of you personally, but so many of you came that to do so would put me over the 400 words Cory laments! So I’ll just say thank you all, and let you know that Suzie and I love you so incredibly much. You fill our hearts!

Next, I want to thank Chapel of the Flowers for doing such incredible work for us! The whole thing went off without a hitch. I watched the video of the ceremony this morning for the first time and was thrilled with it! How often can we say that? Just amazing.

I’m still sorting through all the pictures they took for us, and they are really good! I’m hoping to get some of them out there for the world of social media and the readers of TomBeingTom to see. My only enemy since returning is time. Well, I have two. “Recovery” is the other one.

Lastly, I want to thank Las Vegas for accommodating me, Mrs C, and our band of crazies. For the most part they tolerated our indiscretions (you know who you are, hallway food cart riders!) and kept up with our alcohol intake the best they could. I haven’t received a single bill for damages. 😉

There will be many more things to say in the days ahead about this trip, the biggest one our group has taken yet! And there will be many more amazing trips to come.

Thank you again, Mrs C, for renewing with me on our 20th! This was so much fun we’ll have to do our 21st!

On second thought, let me review the financial damage from last week first. 😎

I guess I had more to say than I thought. I guess I always do. Bless you all for being a part, and I’ll link the video to it below. Please click it, sign the guest list, and watch the ceremony! She was spectacular!

I get a passing grade. 😏

View our ceremony here!

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