interesting times

We certainly live in interesting times.

Last year, the least popular Republican candidate for president, ever, beat out the least popular Democrat candidate for president, ever – through a technicality – and became the least popular POTUS of all time.

He immediately went to work to enact the least popular presidential agenda we have ever seen. He has routinely failed to enact said agenda while working with, or against, the least popular Congress I can remember.

Currently, they are working together to pass a tax plan that no one wants. Everybody already knows it is (a) tipped heavily in favor of the rich at the expense of the middle class, and (b) being pushed through simply because “they” need a legislative victory in calendar year 2017. But some do not care.

Plus, those tricky rascals on the hill planted a bomb in the bill to blow up health care. They didn’t think we’d notice.

We noticed.

Because we live in interesting times, we noticed. We live in an age where information is accessed easily. The ruses of an inglorious president and a smarmy House and Senate are front page headlines. So damning is the evidence against these buffoons that they have no recourse but to embellish their honorable attackers as “fake news.” The hope is that the least enlightened among us – the base of the president – will buy this chicanery. They do. They need a victory, too, and will take it at any cost.

At any cost is apparent in the great state of Alabama, where the denizens of the Heart of Dixie would prefer a serial child molester to a Democrat. I can’t make that last part up; folks have admitted as such. “Even if it’s true, it’s still better than a liberal!” Sure. I get that. Alabama would rather see their daughters violated than have their reproductive rights protected. Got it. Way to own up, Southern Man.

Across the ocean, the craziest leader on the planet not named “Donald Trump” has just completed construction of a missile that, we believe, can cross an ocean. They will equip it with an atomic warhead soon. We are just over two minutes to midnight. It has been 64 years since humanity was this close to atomic annihilation. The American president, in answer to this, puts his thumbs in his ears, wiggles his fingers in the air, and exclaims “nana nana boo boo!”

The height of diplomacy.

There is a saying, often mistakenly interpreted as a Chinese adage or American blessing, that states “may you live in interesting times.” It’s origin actually appears to be American and it’s meaning ironic. Interesting times are times of war, where that rider can be seen with his brothers famine, plague, and death, in every corner of the globe. Interesting times are times of Jong-un and Trump.

We live in interesting times.

May we all survive long enough to be bored once again.

15 thoughts on “May You Live In (Un)Interesting Times

  • Ugh, don’t get me started on Trump. Also, if the FCC appeal Net Neutrality this month we may not have access to an open source of info here on the interwebs. Sigh. Roy Moore is a disgusting, horrible man.

    • True. It is unfortunate that this administration, and its cohorts, are attempting so many terrible things at once that it is impossible to fit them all in, sometimes. Thank you for the reminder on NN, another important freedom we risk losing so that the financial elites can increase their profit lines, and democracy can be easier to kill.

  • Excellent post–everyone should have to read this. Unfortunately, the Trumphumpers are so willfully ignorant that they would dismiss it as fake news, like they do with anything else that even hints that the White House is a cockroach-infested dung heap. And trust me–Canadians aren’t laughing or being smug–we share a border and we’re all too aware of how far nuclear fallout can travel.

    • A critical point. This showdown between the two craziest leaders in the modern world will not end with only mutually-assured destruction, but also the destruction of so much (if not all) that surrounds them. Far too interesting a time for me.

      Thank you for the kind words,mdb, I wish they did not have to be written. But I’ve tried to explain these concepts to the Trumphumpers (ha!) in my own circle, to no avail. I fear your assessment of their cognizance is apt.

      Now, I think, it IS wine time. 😉

  • I wish that none of what you wrote was true, but it is, and it is terrifying. Here in our country we are making amends for past sins towards minorities and are celebrating diversity, so to watch what is happening there, is incomprehensible. We need to enjoy every moment because in the blink of an eye it could all be over thanks to one man’s ego.

    • Your country is setting the standard for progressive enlightenment, Tanya! In a hundred years, if we make it through the Era of the Trump, we’ll all be looking back, with pride, at your courageous example!

  • Catastrophically ironic, the more “information” we have, the less knowledge we possess. How else could an IBI have taken over the America Experiment? (Incoherent Bloviating Imbecile). One might have thought, given the massive access to said information, that careful analysis of this information would have led rational minds to prevail. They did not. And, more and more, they probably will not. I’m afraid, from what I’ve seen, the rational mind is a rarity in the U.S.
    And what may be the greatest tragedy of all, is that the wealthy of the world are some of the most educated and rational around. And what they want is to remain in power, perpetuate the status-quo, and ensure that disinformation and the growth of un-knowledge continues.

    • That’s a heck of a lot to unpack for just 8 sentences, Anony. 👍

      Information has indeed become more of a blitzkrieg of falsities rather than the seeds of awakening, as we all had hoped. And the inventors of fake news have now become the very arbiters of its determination. Lies are truths; ignorance is strength. War is peace is coming. They will sell slavery as freedom, soon, if we haven’t already bought the line. Rationality is weakness. Our intellectual properties are considered to be detrimental to the agenda. What is the agenda? MAGA. MAGA is the only endgame. Liars, cheaters, gropers, and molesters can all be invited to the party if they are in the Party.

      I had never considered that we, as lower caste members of the resistance, actually face our intellectual equals – or betters – in the elite. That is truly disturbing. Like Batman gaining the amorality of the Joker, we face lunatics of great intellect. There is no field of battle we can win against them, then.

      You’ve given me a hell of a lot to think about, Anony. Maybe too much for a Thursday night.

      I’m going to need another beer. 😉

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