As you know, I’ve been spending some time lately introducing those of you who know Tom, and only Tom, to some of the friends, and frankly geniuses, I am meeting “out there.” These bloggers have not only inspired me to become a better blogger, but have posted something recently that is both inspirational and, in my eyes, indicative of their wit, insight, and style.

This entry, by Paul, the Desert Curmudgeon, on Spooky Action at a Distance, is exactly that.

The best way to describe Paul? He is a modern-day philosopher, the old-school kind, with a mastery of language the likes of which I have rarely, if ever, seen.

So, put on your thinking caps and prepare to be simultaneously dazzled and challenged, as Paul lays out his treatise on personal identity, self-talk, and that speaking-about-ourselves-in-the-third-person bullshit we all hate.

And check out the rest of his stuff while you’re out there, too. Outrageously funny videos, incredibly chilling fiction, the best rick-roll ever, and further philosophical meanderings that will make your head spin.

Tom approves.

Tom approves of the whole darn thing. 😉

I’ve lost count of how many times I have come here in an attempt to linguistically negate our delusional sense of self. Dipping into the vast reservoirs of convoluted euphemisms that form the disciplines of science and philosophy, I’ve asked readers to reimagine this vague composite notion called “you”, redefine or even completely dismantle the […]

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