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Will the Rams select Carson Wentz?

When the Rams finalized their move to Los Angeles, they needed to make a big splash. They just did.

I figured it would mean going out and signing RGIII, or trading for Colin Kaepernick, or even trying to lure that Manning guy out of retirement. I didn’t see this coming. Not at all.

This morning, a long time high school buddy of mine hit my Facebook wall with a stunning bit of news. I thought it couldn’t be true.

“The Rams just picked up the #1 pick from the Titans!”

No way, I said. For real, I asked?

For real.

I was in the middle of my daily journal entry and no force on Earth is allowed to interrupt that. The wife knows. The dogs know. The mother-in-law knows. Tom is writing, do not disturb. But something about that chime on my phone made me look. I took a glance. My jaw dropped.

I apologized to my journal and wrote a quick blurb like, “sorry, the Rams just traded for the #1 pick. Gotta go.” I think it’ll understand. I write a lot about the Rams in my journal.

Signing off of penzu.com – incidentally the greatest online journal thing I’ve ever seen – I immediately typed in nfl.com. I love the modern age. I went from online, encrypted journaling to social media glancing to headline football news in approximately twenty-eight seconds. The only lag time there was for a sip of coffee.

And there it was, big and bold. The headline wasn’t in bold but the move was as bold as they come. The Rams gave up 2-1sts, 2-2nds, and 2-3rds over the next two years to move up 14 spots and lay claim to the first overall pick in the 2016 draft. That’s the splash I was talking about. They dove in steep and they dove in deep.

The next thing I did was go figure out which QB was the target. The kid from Cal, Jared Goff, has gotten a lot of attention the last couple of years. But the other kid – from the small college – has been rising up the ranks like crazy lately. That kid, they say, is the target.

On April 28th, 2016, just two weeks from today, Carson Wentz, the big kid with the big arm from North Dakota State, is going to be the 1st overall pick in the NFL draft. He’s going to be a Los Angeles Ram. He’s going to be the first Los Angeles Ram ever chosen in the new era of Los Angeles football. There’s going to be a lot riding on him. No pressure. From Bismarck to Fargo to Hollywood. No pressure.

The word on Wentz is that he’s super-smart, really athletic, has a big, accurate arm, and good presence in the pocket. The word, too, is that he’s a good kid, without a lot of baggage.

Nobody knows if he’s the next Manning or the next Leaf. Nobody knows if the Rams just traded up for John Elway or sold the farm for Robert Griffin. All we know is the team that finally made it home this offseason just made the move of the offseason. Hollywood is in the headlines again. Feast or famine, these guys are going for broke. They invested heavily. They went for a blockbuster.

Isn’t that what Hollywood is all about?

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