Happy Birthday to Me

I won’t bore you with a bunch of birthday resolutions today, you’ve heard all the promises I’m going to make to myself along the way this month. You know how that goes. I won’t talk about the history of the birthday itself, as I thought I might, because how other people in other civilizations throughout history viewed birthdays is inconsequential. I don’t want to start my day inconsequential.

Today is my birthday and the 29th day of the unnamed TomBeingTom.com June writing project.

I’m on the cusp of completion. I’m 49 years old. I could wax philosophically about the importance of daily writing or the meaning of life at 49 years old. Maybe I could talk about how I feel different today than I felt yesterday. I do, a little bit. I feel a lot different than I did 5 years ago. I’ll have plenty of time in the months and years ahead to talk about all of that. At least I hope I do.

I could remind you today that a year ago I wrote about my birthday in comparison to the history of the nation. That is probably a more interesting read than this, because that had a topic and some deep research involved. I thought it was pretty cool. It was poorly read, compared to others written around that time. Go check it out. Bump last year’s numbers. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Thanks for taking the time to do that; welcome back. Sometimes I have pretty clever ideas that compel me to write something intricate, sometimes I don’t. Today, it appears that I don’t.

That’s okay. It’s my birthday.

I could have, by this point in the article, told you what I’d want for my birthday. I got a new Kindle Paperwhite yesterday so I can read my books outside without glare. It’s awesome. I may never buy a paper book again. I’ll accept them as gifts, cuz books are cool, but I don’t need to go buying them now. But that’s not what I meant. I meant, the really big stuff. What, if I could have anything in the world, would I want for my birthday?

Should I really go into that now?

Well, let’s get the obvious things out of the way, while we’re here:

I’d sure like to see a better president.

I’d like to see universal health care in this country.

It’d be nice if we stopped pointing bombs and guns at one another.

Education should be free.

I’d like to see the Rams get back to the playoffs one of these days.

I want to talk to Mom.

I’d like to end bigotry, write about important stuff, grill on BBQ mats, take more walks with my wife, see the family more, take the Rogue on a road trip, and make my 49th year the best year of my life. So far.

Some of those things I have a modicum of control over. Others, none at all.

Whatever comes, I made it this far. So, is a birthday a celebration of how far we’ve come or a prelude to the life yet to live? The Egyptians only celebrated birthdays for their pharaohs, for the day they became a god. Early Christians thought it a pagan ritual. The Germans made it cool (of course), and the Industrial Revolution made it for everyone.

I simply made it through another blog. And another year.

Happy Birthday to Me.

And happy day to you, as well. I’m glad you made it, this far. Hang in there with me; we’ve still got a lot of stuff to do. ❤️

6 comments on Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Love it!! I hope you enjoy your kindle! I love reading on mine! Enjoy your day birthday boy!! ❤️😘

  2. Happy birthday Tom. I am sure you will have a great weekend celebrating. Have fun, cheers. 🙂

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