Going Dark

I haven’t had anything to write about since my last entry (Maverick, a tribute to my first golden retriever) so I haven’t written. Anything. No journal entries, no gaming adventures, no failed attempts at fiction, nothing. I’ve been uninspired.

I’ve been busy. Between getting caught up at work, rewiring the electrical in my home office, going to Reno over the St. Patty’s Day weekend, getting food poisoning, and catching up on political races on House of Cards and in reality, there just hasn’t been anything to say.

Sure I could write a paragraph about work. About how things are starting to pick up as we head away from the slow winter season and into the months of spring. I could talk about the forthcoming refrigerator-killing heat of summer. But there are only so many great phrases like “refrigerator-killing heat of summer” in the appliance language. It would be a short paragraph.

I could talk about how satisfying it is to finally find the electrical problem in my office. After switching out eight receptacles and four light switches, it was about time. I could say it has been a full week of darkness and that I’ve had to run an unwieldy extension cord from the hallway just to get computer light. Or I could lament how difficult it is to write a blog without a computer. I could tell you I hate nothing in life so much as having to use hand tools. Yes, I could.

I could talk about the trip to Reno and about the hilarious things drunk people do when they lock themselves out of their rooms at o’dark thirty without a stitch of clothing. I could talk about how hard it is to find your room when you get off on the wrong floor, plastered. Oh, I bet I could go on and on about how much fun it is to get two and a half dozen people to commit to a road trip. I could tell you how unwieldy two and a half dozen people become at midnight in a bar crawl. I could probably write an entire blog on that alone. Maybe I should.

I could tell you all that this was the first time I’ve had food poisoning. I was sick with it all week.

You know, I could say that House of Cards has not been as good this season, partially because the real election cycle has been so monstrously entertaining and bizarre. You literally can’t make this shit up. The reality show is stranger than fiction. And, so far, better.

I could. I could talk about all those things. But I was sick, I was recovering, my computer was down, I was busy, I was distracted and I was lazy. You know, all the reasons I didn’t do it before. She creeps back in whenever she pleases, does resistance, and I forgot the first rule of writing. Write one thing. Write one thing that is true.

So I’m back on the horse, even though I started this blog with a lie.

Now I have ideas for three more. Writing works like that. The power can go out at any time. The darkness can last a week. All it takes is finding the right blown switch to turn the light back on. I’ve been wandering around on the wrong floor for over a week, looking for my room. I’ve been naked in the hall.

It feels good to be writing again. 🙂

8 comments on Going Dark

  1. Hey, Tom. Just trying the comments.
    You aren’t allowed to critique your own works with adjectives such as “touching tribute”. You wrote a tribute. I called it “Touching”. Hahaha!

    1. LOL! And here I thought I was being cleverly coercive in my marketing. 😉

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! It actually threw your post into spam, which is a recurrent and random problem. Aggravating. I shut off the spam blocker altogether. You hear that, spammers, you are free to attack until these kind folks can respond at will!

      Have a good day, Al. 🙂

  2. Writing from prison with no computer may be tough for you when you get arrested for public nudity but I’ll still read your jail blog 😉
    This whole blog just reminds me I need to start writing about whatever and whenever and often 😊

    1. That’s the whole idea! There was a running joke back in the 90’s that Seinfield, the TV show, was a sitcom about nothing, and that phrase was coined by Jerry Seinfield himself. I like to joke that this is my blog about “nothing,” just like Jerry’s show. 😉

      And, for the record, I wasn’t the naked one in Reno. 🙂 #NamesHaveBeenWithheldToProtectTheInnocent

      1. Haha blog about nothing. Love it.
        Haha I don’t want to know who was naked!! 😳 Lol
        It’s safer to not know, can’t be an accomplice then. 🙈🙉🙊

  3. How does that go again, excuses are like…oh yeah, assholes 😉
    I enjoyed this entry, particularly because I was privy to some of the adventures of the weekend. You lucky fuck.

    1. For some reason I found this reply in the trash bin… Which means there are still bugs in the website… Thank you for reading and responding, sister!

      I’ll work out the bugs… I’m an electrician or something now 😉

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