Fun Day

With one-third of the unnamed June writing project in the rear-view, I thought I’d take today to just ramble on about some random stuff. It’s Sunday, anyway, and Sunday we’re supposed to rest. Or blabber randomly about whatever comes to mind. Or get drunk. I might do all three.

Adam West passed away yesterday, at the age of 88. He was the original Batman of my impressionable youth, though I probably watched his version a good ten years after it came out. I thought it was silly, even as a child, but fun. That was the whole point. I loved seeing him later spoofing his own role as the campiest superhero of them all. On The Big Bang Theory, he defended his status as the greatest Batman by telling the gang that when he arrived, he never had to tell people “I’m Batman.” They knew he was Batman when he showed up. He never needed a stuffed bat-suit, either. He was “100% Grade-A West.” Hilarious stuff.

Rest in peace, sir; you’ll always be a hero of mine.

Comey’s testimony last week was neither as devastating as Democrats seem to think, nor as exonerating as Trump’s followers like to say. It was exactly what we expected to hear. Exactly what we already know about Donald Trump. He likes to push people around and try and get his way, and he thinks he’s above protocol, above reproach, and above the law. He thinks we’re all stupid. Stupid people with big egos and small self-esteem believe that everyone else is beneath them, and they spend their entire lives trying to prove it. Donald Trump has been trying to prove it for decades. Being president hasn’t changed him one bit. He’s still a schmuck.

My wife is heading to Chico today with a couple of friends to try and find a dress for the big thing next month. I got an e-mail today from the venue saying we’re six weeks away. Six weeks ago I was heading into my final week of jury duty. Time comes and goes in a hurry and before we know it we’ll be in Las Vegas with 40 of our closest friends and family. We’ll be blabbering randomly about whatever comes to mind. We’ll be drunk. We probably won’t get as much rest as we’d like.

That’s all I have for today, folks. Have a happy Sunday, and get some rest. Next week you’ll have 7 more consecutive entries to read. 😉

Mazel tov! 🥂

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  1. I remember the passing with sadness. He was a part of my youth as I think I have a few more years on you. He was right. He never had to tell ANYONE he was Batman. He just was.

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