One of the greatest things about the electronic age is the connectivity. Connectivity shrinks our great, big beautiful world and simultaneously grows our personal ones. Due to this, I have become connected to amazing people around the globe. Here, I want to share those people with you. Please visit each of them, and enjoy the words they have added to the greater human tapestry, and to the personal enlightenment of your host on Tom Being Tom.

A Light circle
(almost) unsalvageable
blogging with bojana
damn, girl
dylan andersen
greg fallis
naturally calamity jane
orchid’s lantern
Skinny and Single
spooky action at a distance
Summoning Magic
The Incurable Dreamer
this bipolar brat



*This list is by no means complete, and I’ve attempted to be thorough. I will revisit it daily. Please let me know if you are my dear friend and I have inadvertently missed you!