For Love

My love, Mrs C

Our lives get so complicted. The world is all expectations and it is easy in the hustle and bustle to lose ourselves, to become something other than genuine. I have, in many times past, lost myself to the distractions of life, lost my way – if I ever truly had one – and wandered far afield of my path. One thing has always brought me back.


Today is April 17, 2016, and the person that means more to me than any in this world is turning 41.

To celebrate, me and this amazing group of people we are somehow lucky enough to call our friends threw her a surprise party. We stunned her. She thought for all the world that she was going to the party of another friend. Whenever she suspected, I deflected. “It’s not always about you, baby, we have to be there for others. We’ll make it up to you after.” I am the devil.

But it worked.

For the last twenty-some-odd years of my life there has been a constant, this thing called love that saves me and breaks me in equal and powerful measures; this woman that humbles me and empowers me like no force on Earth. I cannot imagine a single step in my journey without her.

If I had to do it all again I would change almost nothing, except somehow find a way to be a better man to my wife. I would remember more things that I had forgotten, concede more victories that I have won, create more moments of sheer exhilaration like the one I saw last night on her face, when she saw the truth. I would never miss an opportunity to make her feel unique. To make her feel cherished.

The beauty of life is that it goes on. All the promises we never kept can be made again. All the love we left unattended can be regarded going forth. I vow to do that very thing, to make me worthy of the love she gives. I truly hope that I am.

Happy Birthday, Mrs C. Happy Birthday, love of my life. Today I am your servant, and I am your servant for every day that comes.

Thank you.

Thank you, most of all, for love.

6 comments on For Love

  1. Powerful, made me cry a little! Cheers to Mrs C. On her birthday and the love you share. As we grow older this thing called love starts to make sense doesn’t it!

    1. Thank you, Alanna, and thank you for sharing her wonderful day with us! She’s happy as a clam today, and tired as a … as a something that’s as tired as a clam is happy.

      Apparently, my analogies don’t work on Mondays after a long weekend of partying. 😉

  2. Tom you have made a great time for your sweetheart! I am so happy to see you express your love for Suzie. Love is what makes our World go around each day. Hugs to you both, Aunt Betty

    1. Thank you, Aunt Betty! She just gave me a big, deep hug and thanked me for making her weekend so special … and that’s the best feeling in the world!

    1. We love you, too, Laura! Thank you so much for reading, for responding, and for being that wonderful you!!

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