My good friends, I would like to introduce to the newest member of our blogging community, a man who is like a brother to me. We have spent years now, he and I, discussing every facet of this thing called life together, over beers, over texts, through e-mails, and over more beers. When I was new, I counted on this man to tell me if I could write. When I failed, at times, to make my point, I counted on him to tell me to try again. He always did. And now, his thoughts have joined ours; his wisdom added to, augmenting, our own. He says he wants to “add to the narrative of human experience,” and I have no doubt that he shall. Please give his introductory treatise a look, and join me in welcoming him to the world of online writing. 👏👏👏

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. More accurately, I’ve always wanted writing to be the underpinning through which my inner voice worked tirelessly to make sense of our shared reality. I hold great reverence for those whom language is the chosen weapon. I’m attracted to the misfits and outlaws of our society. The drunks […]

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