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I didn’t get a chance to fulfill my weekly blog commitment by Thursday, this week, but here’s why:

I’m officially a collaborator with Cali Sports News. 🙂

My first article, Rams Seek Answers Around Goff, has been well-received by readers, is the top trending article on the site at the moment, and has received glowing praise from the EIC Mario Hicks and my fellow football collaborator LaVoy Briscoe. I have been welcomed with open arms to the team – to the “family” – as Mr Briscoe calls us, and I’m excited to get to work. If you haven’t read the article, please click and give it a read. Your feedback is direly important to me. I’ve already outlined my 2nd article and am working on the text of it now.

I don’t know if you can tell yet; I’m pretty excited. 😉

I don’t expect this to hinder my operations here, at all. I’ve been wanting to write more. As I’ve explained in past blogs, I usually want to get started on my next piece the moment I finish my current one. I haven’t done that. I didn’t want to overload my readers with Tom Being Tom; at least not all at once. I have a half-dozen completed articles I’ve never published, to be frank. Now I get to write all the sports stuff I want over there and continue Being Tom over here. Life is amazing.

Life is amazing despite the weird week in politics with you-know-who doing you-know-what exactly the way I warned you he would. Fight tyranny, America. We don’t need a king.

That last paragraph is probably indicative of what I’ll be doing my serious writing about when I do serious writing here. Tom Being Tom will continue to be about my life, but also about my thoughts. Major articles about sports will go there, but opinions about everything will go here. Like so:

The New England Patriots will beat the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl, further cementing the legend of Tom Brady as the #GoaT he has proven to be.

People ask me all the time how I can say that about a guy on a team I don’t normally favor (the Pats), and about a team that actually BEAT my team in the 2001 Super Bowl. Well, I can say that because I keep my bias in check. It’s the same reason I can dislike Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. When they both suck, they just do. And when someone is great, he just is.

If you disagree, let’s fight.


With words.

Pleasant ones, please.

I’m a civil guy. 😉

Once again I want to thank you for joining me over the last year, and for reading my ramblings. I started this path a year ago, almost to the day, and you have made the entire journey something really special. I’m not done. I won’t be happy until my waking hours are filled with too much to write. It really is the best thing I do all week. Now I get to do it more, and I get to do it about something I really have a passion about.

Why didn’t I do it this much before?

Who cares. Life is never made to live backwards. Today is the most important day of our lives, until tomorrow comes. And it will come quick, much quicker than we expect. I know. I have deadlines.

Have a wonderful week, my friends. Join me here next time for short rants and join me over there for sports talk. Most of all, join me in living for our passions.

They are the reason we’re alive.

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