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I’m a level 9 optimist. I’m not even sure that they label optimism in levels but if they do I’d be a level 9. I would say that 90% of the time I believe everything is going to be just fine, or better. The other 10% of the time I think things might take a turn for the worse but I’ll deal with it and bounce back. I guess that might make me a level 10, but nobody’s perfect.

My optimism stems from confidence – confidence not only in myself but in the abilities and the good nature of those around me. I believe in people. That isn’t easy to do in this day and age with up-to-the-nanosecond internet reporting on all the bad things people are doing all the time. People can be rotten. Despite that I believe that people are, in general, good-natured and want the best for most other people. I think we just hear about the exceptions to that rule more often because they make better stories. Well, not better, but more scandalous. We feed on scandal. That’s probably because we’re primarily good people so we generally avoid personal scandal. The other side is fun to watch. I don’t have any science to back that up, that’s just what I think.

I believe in humanity. That’s even harder to do, but I do. I believe we’ll solve the problems associated with the bad parts of humanity before we destroy ourselves. We’ll get a handle on climate change. I think we’ll end scarcity in my lifetime and put a stop to poverty worldwide. It’s not far-fetched, we already have the means to provide every living being with food, shelter, clothing, education and health care and we just don’t. Greed is the reason why, but I believe as we create universal abundance through advancing technology we can end the need for greed. I believe the age of capitalism is almost over.

I believe the biggest threat to the future of mankind is ignorance. In an age of advancing science and perpetuating knowledge we are too quick to hang on to the ideas of the past, ideas that have created divisiveness in our species. We have created imaginary geographic borders, imaginary theological borders, and imaginary racial and ethnic borders. I believe we are all one people. In time, we will overcome our nationalism and prejudice and we will unite as one human race. I believe the only thing stopping that is ignorance. Ignorance will rise up again and again and divide us, and brother will continue killing brother in the name of race, creed, and country for decades and maybe centuries to come until we evolve. But I believe we will evolve. I’m optimistic.

Every day I wake up and I read the news. I read the atrocities being committed across the globe by people who want land, who want oil, who want money, who want revenge. I’m not blind to the hate I see. I understand it. I read beyond the words being printed about these atrocities and I seek to understand the reasons why. To understand a way that we can make it stop. It will stop when we move beyond the era of greed. It will stop when we move beyond the era of selfishness and national pride. We can use the coming technology and the technology we already have today to feed the hungry, to shelter the homeless, to heal the sick and to educate the masses. We can break the monopolization of resources by the few, and shake that money tree. It will stop when we cut it down.

It will not stop until then. The promise of a better tomorrow does not come from the accumulation of wealth and the hoarding of resources, but from the sharing of the same. A better world does not come from divisiveness but from unity. The promise of a better future does not come from ignorance, or from clinging to the broken ideals of yesterday, but from knowledge and from the new ideas of tomorrow. There is not but one way, but there is a way. We can have a better world, be better people. We will.

I believe that.

10 thoughts on “My Faith Is in You

  • Yolanda

    Tom, that’s well put. Too bad not enough people use common sense and are not so nice. Keep smiling and writing.

    • Tom

      Thank you, Yolanda! I think the change is on the horizon. A lot of the reason for nastiness at all levels of the economic ladder is our inherent battle for scarce resources. As technology eliminates that problem, and as education becomes universal, I believe we’ll see a gradual enlightenment come over the human race. That golden age will undoubtedly be somewhere beyond our lifetimes … unless technology solves that, too … but the progress can certainly start with us.

  • kimmie

    So nicely written Tom. I think you are loved by so many because you are indeed an optimist! These are all the ideas and plans I had as a teen. I had big dreams to work for Unicef or the UN, but as I have struggled through life, I have somehow lost my way. Maybe, strife breeds pessimism. It’s sad for me to admit.

    • Tom

      That’s so easy to do! When we were younger, Kim, we had no idea what the world would be like, the changes that would be coming. The pace of technology today is making possible a future we could not have even imagined when we were teens. The institutions you mentioned have been corrupted by the same forces they were designed to combat — nationalism and greed. I’m jaded by the system, no doubt about that. I have never lost the optimism that somehow I can make it just fine in a world so broken, but in recent years that optimism has flourished into a belief that not only can I survive the cold, cruel reality of modern life, but that modern life itself is on the verge of change!

      Will it happen in my lifetime? Difficult to be certain. I remain optimistic though it seems unlikely considering how far we have to go and how much resistance true change is meeting. Just look at what we were left with in this election cycle in the U.S. — we are far from where we need to be! But I’m encouraged by some things that I saw this time around that we haven’t seen before. And I’m encouraged by the pace of technology. Breaking down big money interests is still so critical because they will do everything they can to stop the pace of evolution. Equality means they lose monopoly.

      Thank you so much for reading and responding, Kimmie! Don’t stop believin’!

  • Tash

    Wow! Just wow! It’s like you read my mind. Although I believe that there are souls at different levels of awakening that impede the acceptance of truth for abundance for all. I believe that each soul has strength that can bring unity to the human consciousness and through that awakening process we become aware of our inner power. And by being aware we become effective at creating the unified experience you believe in.

    I love this Tom! And I love you ‘being you’.

    • Tom

      Thank you for the kind words, Tash!

      I do think we are on the verge of an awakening unlike any level we’ve seen before; our advancement in technology demands it and our advancement as a species depends on it. As I wake up this morning the first thing I see in the news is a mass shooting at a gay night club in Orlando by a domestic terrorist. 20 people are dead. An assault rifle was used in the massacre. I don’t know if this is a hate crime or an act of terrorism or a random shooting spree by someone who came unhinged, yet, but I do know that the culprit in this crime is the system. Whether it is lack of decent mental health care in this country, a lack of education, a lack of opportunity interlaced with constant media and peer pressure, or our foolish gun fetish and our failure to contain the spread of firearms, we are all on trial here. This violence is a reflection of our failures.

      It is always darkest just before the dawn, they say, and we are living in dark times. Dawn is coming. It will take a lot of time to overcome the ignorance we have propagated as a country and as a species, but we shall. We must. I can’t accept any other outcome.

      Thank you again for reading, Tash, and for your kind comments!

  • Maria P. Padilla

    No wonder I always enjoy your posts! Nothing wrong with having an optimistic and helpful attitude. 😉

  • Linda Madison

    Tom, you are a special kind of guy! I knew it from the time I met you! You must have been a teenager back then, but I saw how thoughtful you were. Not just toward others, but the perspective you had as a young man. You are the kind of guy people like to be around and feel better after they have been with you! You are the greatest! The Superman shirt definitely suits you!❤️

    • Tom

      Thank you, Linda! Perspective is an ideal I always aspire to, thank you so much for that compliment! I hope that folks feel half as good in my presence as you lead on, I do think we can all be better people to one another. Today was a kick in the teeth when it comes to what human beings are capable of doing to other human beings but it has not shattered my faith. We have a hard road ahead of us as we evolve. I believe there is a “Superman” within us all!

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