Eye of the Beholder

Had a little down time yesterday, so I played with my theme a bit.

If you read that too quickly, it might have sounded wrong. πŸ˜‰

I don’t dislike the format I’ve been using (Carbon Lite). I switched to it a couple of months ago, from the simple Twenty Sixteen that the site defaulted to when I opened it in (guess?) 2016. But, sometimes, that bold yellow lettering against the backdrop of the cosmos and the black background and over-sized comment heads made me feel like I was floating in MySpace.

Not that there was anything wrong with MySpace. I like Tom. 😁

My expectation, upon experimenting, was to switch back to the Carbon Lite blackground and stylized lettering fairly quick. But, then, every time I signed on I just seemed to appreciate the simple styling of this format (called Venture) more and more. What I think I like about it is the lighter colors (I’m a pretty jolly guy), the unassuming nature of the titles and header, and the fact that the first thing you see, when you sign on, is the latest post’s graphic, dead center.

I also like how each post exists on page one in its entirety, saving the reader an extra step when initially engaging.

But it could just be the newness of it I like. Nothing thrills me like change.

What do you think, the simple nature of this, the lighter and brighter Venture? Or did you prefer my arms stretched out to the universe, with the darker, stylized Carbon Lite?

Maybe you just liked to see your big head in the comments section. 😏

Whatever you think, I appreciate the feedback. There’s a lollipop in it for each of you with an opinion, which I will hand-deliver promptly or eventually.

(This last sentence is superfluous, to get the request over the SEO-recommended 300 words. Thanks!)

34 comments on Eye of the Beholder

      1. This is very easy to read, but I can’t compare without seeing them side by side. Ooops! But I like this new one!

    1. I like the content.. but either format works for me. This is eye friendly… do I get a lollipop, any flavor will do.

    1. Excellent! What I really wanted to know was if anyone thought the old one was problematic in any way. I liked it, but sometimes thought it an eyesore. So, I thought, does anyone else think that? This helps immensely. Gracias, senorita!

  1. It’s your theme you can play with it all you want. Just wash your hands. There, I’ve given my feedback I would like beer instead of a lollipop, I’d like it delivered and we can split it. Dilly Dilly

  2. I like this Carbon lite format, it is simpler, sleeker, but I must admit I really liked the larger than life feel of Venture, it seemed much brighter too, more picture focused. Can you change the font or lettering on Venture on the Header and Sidebars perhaps if it’s too MySpacey for you? Perhaps switch to Calibri/Arial font and different color (maybe a bolded white)?
    I love that pic of the shadow embracing the Universe!

    Ultimately, I think you should go with your gut on this one, if it doesn’t feel right for you, you should switch it. As long as your fantastic writing is readable for us, of course!

    1. Yes, I like that, “larger than life feel.” I felt that way about it, too. Big, bold, cosmic. It felt right.

      The first thing that had me second-guessing, though, was the way the title would overflow in the header picture, just swallow it. I found myself shortening my titles to accommodate the space. I didn’t mind that, but wondered if something simpler wouldn’t be better.

      Thank you for the feedback! Booking for Germany with your lollipop now! πŸ˜‚

  3. I just liked seeing my already big head (made bigger by your formatting) in the comments section. I hate thinking that my head might now appear to be normally sized, rather than reality (more like a weapons grade head).

    I think I prefer simplicity and the new format. However, and very much like you, small changes can certainly thrill.

    1. LOL! Justin, if you need a good look at your big head in larger than life cosmic-grade grandeur, just linger over your hovercard and see what pops up! πŸ˜‚

      Thanks for the feedback; I think i prefer the simplicity here, too… but the only constant about Tom is change. πŸ˜‰

  4. Sorry, I think I may have the theme names confused. What I meant to say is I liked the format of your blog yesterday a bit more because it’s more picture focused, although this one today is sleeker. (I can’t correct my previous comment unfortunately)

    1. I saw that, and immediately understood, M.P.! I’m on the fence for those same two reasons: one is more eye-popping, to me, the other more “clean.”

      Thanks again for chiming in!

  5. Thwee hundred words eh? Intewesting. I think if I had my druthers I’d have WP rotate 100 different styles, randomly, for every post. Maybe that’s just the software developer in me. I don’t tend to do sales well at all.

    As long as you don’t do the body with white text on dark background.

    1. Haha! Yeah, I always scroll down to the Yoast thing and see what it’s recommending, then make simple changes, if appropriate. Since I was at about 290 words, I added a sentence for a lark. πŸ˜‰

      I’m with you on the random thing; that would be cool. I have no software developer in me, but I am whatever the opposite of change-averse is. 😎

    1. Nice! Looking forward to seeing what you come up, Nicola. 😊

      I wondered if the chaotic nature of the other was distracting to some; that’s important feedback. Thank you!

  6. I like it, although I have to admit, the ENORMOUS version of the shadow against the Universe was probably what initially kept me here for long enough to start reading. But then, I’m weird and probably not typical of potential readers, so don’t worry about it…

  7. I like this better it seems less serious. I’m always on mobile so perhaps my experience is different to start with.thats your feedback, so I’ll take my lollipop gluten free with no sugar and only local non gmo flavors and colors that were taken from nature and blessed by a monk from a country with strong moral values and a thriving emotional economy. I’ll just wait while you find that for me. *sits and makes myself at home in the bright new theme*

    1. Lmao! This is gonna take some doing. I know a monk from a country with strong moral values and a thriving emotional economy, but finding all the natural colors locally is gonna be tough. Plus the monk I know is a sugar-freak. Okay, you wait here and chat with the others; I’ll be back!

  8. Uhhh I was going to jump on the comments and say “Tom, puhleez, nobody notices that shit”. But then I came here and it does seem sleeker. So there you go. Good choice.

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