I have been impressed with so many things I have read from fellow bloggers since I started my interactions in this universe mid-summer. One of the most impressive and thoughtful writers I have encountered is M.P. Baecker. Her depth of thought and expressive mastery of language consistently leave me in awe.

Here, she recounts her encounters with this world’s dragons; those people who live to feed on the perceived weakness of others. We are an insecure species, we sapiens, and we have learned to compensate for our insecurities by preying on others. The lizard brain is strong. But, MP proves to me that the terrible lizard does not always win. The princess can slay the dragon. Not only that, but she — we — have the power to learn from our battles with our aggressors. We can become better princesses, better lords and knights, better humans all around.

Let the dragons come. Let them seek to feed. With allies like M.P. Baecker, I believe it is the wise, not the wrathful, that shall inherit the earth. Please give her a read, and explore her many other contributions to the blogosphere, and to the world entire.

You are the princess we feed to the dragon. A male coworker once said this to me out of the blue. It was a strange thing to hear (or say for that matter). Was it supposed to be a compliment or a thinly-veiled threat? Or both? Should I say thank you that I’m the princess? […]

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