Yesterday was one long, hot day.

The foreman arrived promptly at 8 o’clock, as promised. His crew, and my new air conditioner, headed to Palo Cedro on a paperwork snafu. That was corrected in short order. The guys were all congenial, but not talkative. They were professional. They got to work.

My job was to stay out of the way and occasionally offer cold beverages. I did both well. The crew preferred the water they had brought to my offer of Dasanis. The joke to grab them beers was politely and professionally turned down. Each time. I’m persistently ludicrous like that.

I wandered around all morning with clippers in my hand, trimming hedges and shrubs. I did some weeding. The area on the far side of the house, away from the workers, got the mowing treatment. I ran some laundry, folded some clothes and towels, and cleaned the kitchen counters. Any other cleaning was superfluous due to the mess they were still going to make.

Those chores were all complete by noon.

I visited the boys, Moxie and Ludo, frequently. They were trapped alone in the bedroom until about 3 in the afternoon, confused by all the sounds. After 3 I had to keep them out of the house, in the sun or shade, while all the duct work was completed in each room. I got a good shoulder and face burn from that activity. I kept cool with beer.

It was a long, hot day. Just after lunchtime the foreman predicted a 3 o’clock finish; they were well ahead of schedule. The next two hours were painful ones for him, I could see that on his face. Things went wrong. They often do. Between the hours of 3 and 5 he passed me several times, always displaying apologetic anguish. Each time I assured him he was doing great. He was. Things happen.

Just after 5, another major mishap. Two guys left. Another showed. The company owner came by for an assessment. They decided to push through. I concurred vehemently.

The vans pulled away, just after dusk. I would estimate it was pretty close to 9 o’clock. They have a small job to complete this morning before final inspection. For me, it was a long, hot day of doing mostly nothing. For the air conditioning crew it was a long, hot day of battling Murphy.

But even though anything that could go wrong, did, they kept it together. They completed their mission. I am eternally grateful that they did.

I haven’t slept that well in weeks.

It’s cool to be cool again. 😎

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