Dragonfeed — A Light Circle

I have been impressed with so many things I have read from fellow bloggers since I started my interactions in this universe mid-summer. One of the most impressive and thoughtful writers I have encountered is M.P. Baecker. Her depth of thought and expressive mastery of language consistently leave me in awe. Here, she recounts her […]


My last entry, regarding my thoughts on the anniversary of the election of Donald Trump, brought on some interesting responses. As expected, I had the regular detractors on social media. Mostly, they are people I know quite personally, or have known most of my life. The usual suspects. They are the ones who, for one reason […]

With November Ahead

Happy November 1st, my friends. What an October it was. As we adjust our rear-view mirrors to get a quick, last look at all the wonderful costumes and harvest decorations, we set our sights forward on the cold days to come. There are only 61 days left in the year 2017. That ain’t a lot. […]

The Joys of (Not) Traveling

Although I enjoy a good road trip from time to time, I’m not really into travel. I like home base. I like to be around my dogs, my computer, my garage fridge, my deck, my world. Some people find that odd, I guess. Almost every bucket list I see says something about “travel more,” and […]

Tom 4.9

As I approach the final week of dailies I also approach my 49th birthday. This is always a time of deep introspection and June nearly always brings some level of previously-unattained personal growth. This year will be no different. The first and most important change I need to make relates to my level of health. […]

My Own Health

I’ve been considering my own health a lot lately. Maybe it’s because of my friend’s recent battle for life, at a young and vigorous age. A battle he is still fighting, by the way. A battle he is winning, by all accounts, but with a long road ahead. Every day I hope there is some […]

Building A Better Tom

I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I want to do, and the improvements I want to make, so let’s talk about that for a minute. I’m not sure I can do that in 400 words or less, like I promised, but I’ll try. Those 18 words didn’t help. Neither did those 5. Or […]

My Reading Habit Tends to Suck

I’ve been working like crazy on my reading habit lately. In general, I’m terrible at it. I tend to have 4 or 5 partially read books around me, at any given time. I have 160 articles currently saved in my pocket, for later. As much as I try to recover from that number, I always […]