The Secret

I was sitting next to a highly respected fellow in the community this Sunday, in fact a nationally known speaker, and was talking to him about my recent re-nuptials. He’s an amazing guy with an equally (or, perhaps, surpassingly) amazing wife. They stop by every week after church to have breakfast and a morning cocktail […]

Married to Mary Poppins

Twenty years ago, I was sitting in my work truck with the future Mrs C. I was in the middle of my landscape route. We were having a snack and discussing the weather and the future of life. To her right, on the sill of the open passenger’s window, another party joined the conversation. A […]

Her Day

Today, the most important person in the world has a birthday. Now, you may not agree with who the most important person in the world is, and that’s okay. We can agree to disagree on that. Some of you might argue that it’s a mom or a dad, some other significant person in your life […]

Beer, Buds, and Bugs

St Patrick’s Day St Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday. It celebrates the life of Saint Patrick, who is credited with converting the bulk of Ireland to Christianity some time in the 400s AD. March 17th is believed to be the day the patron saint of Ireland died. Before Saint Patrick began his holy crusade […]

Forever and A Day

I’m getting married this summer. Again. Not like, “again,” like the first one didn’t work out so I’m trying another one. Not like “again” like I’ve done it a hundred times before, like “again” like I’m marrying the best person I’ve ever known all over again. The good kind of again. On July 19th, 1997, […]

For Love

Our lives get so complicted. The world is all expectations and it is easy in the hustle and bustle to lose ourselves, to become something other than genuine. I have, in many times past, lost myself to the distractions of life, lost my way – if I ever truly had one – and wandered far […]