Birthdays, Ballers, and Blackouts

Last night we celebrated a good friend’s 50th birthday, in the Blue Oak Room at Bridge Bay Resort. We packed the place. Live music by the Hill Street Band, open bar, dancing, and endless echoes of laughter. I’ve had a few friends hit that magic number recently and a few more still to come. Including […]

For My Friend

I have a friend who is fighting for his life this week. I won’t reveal his name or go into the details, out of respect for his privacy, but the development was sudden, unexpected, and dire. One instant everything was easy. The next, urgent. Praying people pray in these moments, I know. If you do, […]


I took a leisurely stroll down memory lane this morning. I was looking for the specific moment that a specific thing happened, and I think I found it. But, I also found that leisurely strolls down memory lanes through a collection of online photographs can be like diving into a rabbit hole after a bunny […]

Friends Being Friends

I have the best group of friends. If you’ve been following my stuff for any length of time, you probably already know that. We seem to connect daily. And, as often as possible, we put together events where we can all see each other. A big group of us is going to Vegas, this summer. […]

Beer, Buds, and Bugs

St Patrick’s Day St Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday. It celebrates the life of Saint Patrick, who is credited with converting the bulk of Ireland to Christianity some time in the 400s AD. March 17th is believed to be the day the patron saint of Ireland died. Before Saint Patrick began his holy crusade […]

The Santa Crawl

Once or twice a year, three if the wind catches me right, I spend one wild night in Reno at a themed pub crawl. They are a blast. Three or four thousand people from around the country generally attend, and the themes involved are anywhere from superhero costumes to zombie makeup to vampire motif to leprechaun gear. […]