Superheroes, philosophy, ethics, and politics

For the last couple of Thursdays I’ve shared incredible work, by others, that has moved me. This trend continues. Armond is an established writer, and a good one. I just downloaded his fiction book, Animus, and purchased his non-fiction treatise, Titans, released earlier this year. The subheading of his blog companion to Titans, which I […]

Looking To 2018

A new friend was catching up on an old blog of mine, this week, and I was reminded that I haven’t addressed the real elephant in the room this holiday season: what’s up for Tom in 2018? I know. I apologize. I’ve had a lot on my mind this year, what with me getting sick this […]

The Dearest Nomination

Greetings and salutations, my fellow scholars. I have a special treat for you today. Please remain seated and enjoy this moment. I won’t take much of your time. I have been nominated, by a peer, for the esteemed Liebster Award. It is, without a question, a great honor. Now, you know me. I am not […]

So, Thanks

Hey. You. Thanks. Thank you for being there for me when things have gone wrong. Thanks for being there when everything was fine. Thank you for being a good Christian. Thank you for being a good Muslim. A good Orthodox Jew, a Catholic, a Buddhist, an Atheist, or just for being you. Thank you for […]

Without Somnus

Writer’s block! Not really. I’ve just been busy working on other things this week and haven’t had time to focus entirely on my efforts here. When I have written I’ve found that what I write scores very badly on every Yoast SEO algorithmic indicator known to man. Bad. Very bad. But I don’t let that […]

A Fond Farewell to the Summer of ’17

After the wettest rainy season these bones can ever remember, we saw the hottest summer north of the infernal pits. According to prominent meteorologists and god-fearing theologians, Redding experienced 72 100-plus degree days in the Summer of ’17 compared to Perdition’s 92. That means, honestly, there were only 20 days one could say Redding was […]

Labor Day Weekend

My day went about as you’d expect. I woke up early, poured coffee in some Bailey’s, and worked on my about page for an hour. No matter how many times I work on my about page I always look at it again and think there’s something wrong. I guess I’m about too many things to […]

Out of Sync

I don’t know if it’s complacency or exhaustion, but suddenly I’m hearing the alarm. Let’s put that into perspective. I’m not much of a sleeper. Not in the mornings. I generally wind down these days around 9 pm, and shut my eyes for the final time each day between 9:30 and 10:00. In the interim, […]