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Beyond the Tribe


I had just finished reading The Handmaid’s Tale and was staring headlong into two more fiction books on my 2018 Reading List. But with two already under my belt, I just couldn’t bring myself to dive into more fiction, so soon. I don’t read a lot of fiction – or at least I haven’t in years. Most […]

The Handmaid’s Tale


Tyranny is the unrestrained exercise of power. It is oppressive rule. A despotic use of authority. Whenever any person or group of people enforce their worldview upon another person or group of people it is a tyrannical act. To say that my way of living is better than your way of living, so your way […]

The Time Keeper

time keeper

“We do not realize the sound the world makes—unless, of course, it comes to a stop. Then, when it starts, it sounds like an orchestra.” I finished the first book of my 2018 Reading List. In pure math terms I’m about 2 ½ pages per day ahead of schedule. But that’s an illusion. I didn’t […]

Your Help Appreciated

compiling a reading list

I have a simple question for you today: What would you have me read? I know, that’s a loaded question. You probably looked up from the falling snowflakes of my overproduced new blog theme, towards your bookshelf, and said to yourself, hmmm? 🤔 If you’re like me there’s a hell of a lot of material up […]

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