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Bojana's YugoslaviaBojana is one of the truly inspirational writers, and commentators, in the blogosphere. She challenges us all, constantly, to have better ideas. Write better stories. Be better people. This week she took up a challenge of her own, set by two of our mutual friends.

Bojana grew up in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In this first installment, she gives us her impressions of a united state that served the needs of its people first. There is, however, an underpinning of disaster to come.

This is her story, or at least that story’s beginning. And it is told in the clever, unique, and enjoyable manner we have come to expect from our friend, Bojana.


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      1. Architect

        I decided today to live with intention,
        A designed life of my own invention
        Rather than swaying from there to here
        I plan ahead and in my direction steer
        Conscious awareness allows for selection
        Making choices based on future creations
        No longer following the crowd that sleep
        I break away, challenge fear and with faith leap
        The misguided ideals of my sisters and brothers
        As well as the fear of our Fathers and mothers
        Will not always fit into the puzzle of my life
        Only I shall determine the paths to ride.

        How’s that for an answer?

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