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Summer is, by far, the very best and worst time of the year for me. I love the rising temperatures, the warm mornings, the 80-degree nights and the fact that I don’t have to bundle up or even wear pants virtually any time. It is the season of my birthday, and the season of BBQs and pool parties and family reunions. It is the last three months until football.

But it has its drawbacks. It’s a terrible time for resolutions.

A couple of months ago I set some goals, or rather some intentions. If you’ve been reading a while you know they weren’t particularly stringent but they went like this: spend more time with the missus, get in shape, read more, get more done, and drink less. Noble goals, all, and I can say that over the course of the last couple of month I have, by and large, stuck to those goals. The missus and I have caught a couple of movies, gone out to dinner a few times, went to lunch a few times, and committed to even more. We’re in the middle of a move, so that kind of forces us to do more together, too. It also forces us to get more done. Bonus time with the wife.

I hover right around 180, though some weeks I see 179. Being on the right side of 180 is important to me. I’m not at my 175 goal, but I’m not feeling big at 185, either, so that’s nice. I decided to do something this morning, though, that oughta fix the difference. More on that later.

I’ve been reading a lot more lately and I read even more when the weather is good. Deck time is good reading time and when the morning and evenings are warmer there’s more deck time. So, honestly, the summer time is pretty good with most of my spring-time resolutions, but really bad on the other two:

  1. Drink less
  2. Stay in shape

Really bad. I mean, who wants to come home after a sweaty day in a steaming swamp-cooled showroom and not have a beer? Show of hands? It’s particularly unlikely that over the course of the next few months my unit count won’t increase. There is no way to resist the ice cold mug, the perfect pour, and the sweet taste of indulgence.

So I won’t.

And it’s likely that count won’t get particularly better after the summer either, because #football.

So I’m gonna go ahead and make my peace with that now. It’s summer, it’s hot, I’m thirsty, and I’m gonna drink some beer. Gosh, that was an easier resolution to make than I thought. 😉

But if I’m going to make that commitment, I’m going to have to counterbalance the weight. Literally. If I don’t counterbalance the weight then I’m going to get heavy and the next blog will be about how comfortable I’ve become at over 185. And I’m going to have to shop for pants. I hate shopping for pants.

So here’s my new resolution. Bear with me, I’ve never done anything like this before.

I’m going to run.

I’ve been walking for years, and I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I mean, you put one foot in front of the other and you go a certain distance at a pretty good pace and before you know it you’re somewhere else. Then, you walk back. I burn some calories, I build some energy, I feel good about myself.

Now I’m going to feel better.

This morning I’m going to download an app that gets a human body from couch to 5k in about 9 weeks. The guy who used to be Wesley Crusher has been talking about it a lot on his blog, and his blog is one of my inspirations. I’m going to start today.

That last line was the hardest one of all. If I start “tomorrow” it’s a resolution, and I have 24 hours to come up with good ideas on how to procrastinate. If I start “today” it’s a commitment. I’m making the commitment. It’s for my health, it’s for my pants, and … most importantly … it’s for beer.

And in the long hot summer, that’s the most important motivation of them all. 🙂

15 comments on Beer … and Running

  1. Another enjoyable read Tom. I believe in counter balance as well. I cut out soda so that I can still have the calories from beer :). Life’s all about compromise!

    1. Hahaha, good plan, Cory!

      All kidding aside, when I first quit the lawn business in my early 30’s I packed on about 40 pounds, practically overnight. The first big diet of my life shortly followed and sodas were one of the things I cut out. I also switched to lean cuisines for lunches at that time and lost about 25 of those extra pounds in a hurry. My diet was a strict 2400 calories and I remember doing the calculation that I could still consume 1600 calories (the safe minimum for an adult male, they said) and have plenty of calories left over every evening … for beer. 😉

      There is a precedent!

  2. Awwww! I love it! I’m proud of you Tom!! Running is not my favorite workout but I do it because it’s good for me! Troy loves it … Let us know and sometime we will run with you! I ran my first 5k after training right there at Mary Lake’s trail! 👌🏽😉

    1. Perfect! Once I get my endurance up we’ll all go run a 5k together! It’s amazing how well one can be in walking shape and have zero stamina for running … but this app is helping me build it slowly but surely. Thanks again for reading, Shari!

    1. Me and beer go way back. My oldest pal. 😉

      I have never been out of the United States, unless Tijuana counts. It’s never been a big deal to me, to be honest, because I can Oktoberfest the heck out of any place and occasion, given the opportunity. I also have one of those American jobs that require my constant, uncompromising attendance. Unlike the better parts of the world, the U.S. experience is all about how MUCH you can work instead of about how well you can live.

      My peace, with that, is made.

      But if I ever do get abroad, I’m coming to see YOU! Mark it.

      In fact, any good jobs for Toms over there? Maybe I need to get away from Trump for a while. 😎

      As far as this post goes, I’m sad to report that the running thing was not for me. HOWEVER, the Summer of ’16 was the time I finally realized my goal of 175, and I’ve kept pretty much there until very recently. This fall and winter I find myself hovering around 180 again, and I don’t like it. 😜

      1. Blame it on beer…
        Plenty of jobs here, their economy is constantly growing. So, whenever you’re ready…
        Una cosa mas – you NEED to get out of the States every now and then. It’a a beautiful world out there. Besides, it’s healthy; it feeds the heart and the soul.
        Where exactly do you live?

      2. The far, middle north of California, in a town called Redding. And I’ve heard that a lot. Maybe, some day. Hard to get away from the job for more than a week at a time, and can’t travel too far (and back) in a week. I guess that’s an even longer story. 😉

      3. I’m off every Thursday and Sunday, 5 holidays during the year, and I take one week of vacation. (I could take more, and I sometimes do, but since there’s only 5 of us, and I’m the only one that really knows the whole operation, it hurts everyone if I go away too much).

        Yes, I’m a hostage. Mostly, of my own design. I know folks that take 3 or 4 weeks off a year (or more), and they really love those weeks, while hating every damn minute of the other 48. I enjoy 52 weeks, every year. That’s gotta be worth something. 😉

  3. I never was a big beer drinker. I seemed to shift past that to things like vodka when I became a bartender. Lucky for me, my addictive personality did NOT include alcohol in it’s list of commodities.

    These days, it’s the occasional glass or two of red wine…very rare occasions push it past that amount.

    I also SUCK at resolutions. Suck suck suck suck suck.

    1. I’m a 45-beer/week guy. I’m back to occasional shots, but have vowed to bury that again. I’m also gonna cut that lifetime average to … less than 40, since I’m almost 50. 😉

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