Autumn Days

perfect fall
The scale reads closer to 180 than I’d like. The morning and evening temperatures are noticeably lower. The sun doesn’t show up quite as early nor stay quite as late. Football – real football – is less than 36 hours away.

It’s starting to feel a lot like autumn.

Technically, we still have 14 more days of summer. Where I live, we’ll probably see temperatures in the 80’s, and even some in the 90’s, for another 6 weeks or so. “Indian Summer,” some will call it. But for me, Labor Day has always been the honorary end of summer. The first kickoff has always marked the official beginning of fall.

The summer has been one of indulgence, and one of change. The former isn’t out of the norm – summers lend themselves to immoderation – and the latter was easily for the better. I’m a better person, in a better place, than I was when the summer began. That’s all that we can ask from any season, I suppose. If we can somehow trace it with memories that last a lifetime, even better. This summer was that.

Since the time the summer began I’ve been to two wonderful weddings where people who are truly in love swore their lives to each other. I’ve been to birthday parties and pool parties. I spent an incredible week with brothers and sisters, cousins and more, at our biennial family reunion. I spent one amazing night at my quinquennial high school reunion. The wife and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. I celebrated my 48th year on Earth. We moved. For the first time in 12 years, we moved. The ripple effect of that culture shock is still reverberating.

I finally got to 175 pounds. I found my way back to 180 again. That’s summer.

I haven’t gone walking in a month or more. I’m getting no exercise at all. The running thing didn’t stick; the beer drinking did. I don’t sleep as many hours as I should. I’m not reading enough or writing enough or relaxing at all. There’s always too much to do and always too much going on.

That’s summer.

In theory, and historically, the indulgences will begin to wane now. The resolve toward health will return. I’ll get up earlier, rested, and get the boys out of the house for daily walks. The cooler nights require less beer but, at the same time, the lingering sun can still light the pages of a book. Until late November there will be a respite, a lull. A renewal. In theory.

That’s fall.

I’ll work on some resolutions; every season needs them. I’ll set some goals. I’ll make some promises, to myself and to others. I’ll be more alert. I’ll be more temperate. I’ll be healthier, in body and mind. I’ll spend less money on things I don’t need. You know, all the usual oaths.

I’ll watch a lot of football. This, I swear.

I’ll watch from home on Mondays, most of the time. I’ll watch from home on Thursdays, most of the time. I’ll try and catch the Rams games at home, since I paid the satellite company for the right to do so. I’ll spend more time than I mean to at a local tavern watching football with a tremendous group of friends. That’s a given.

I’ll watch a lot of football.

We all need at least one resolution we know we won’t break. 😉

Happy Autumn Days, everyone. Here’s to another season to remember.


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