A Proposition For You … Or Maybe 17

I’ve been asked by several people over the last few days and weeks about the ballot initiatives in California, so I’ll talk a minute about them. Maybe I don’t remember there being this many in the past but there sure seems to be a mess of them this time, eh? I’ll be brief and keep the rhetoric to a minimum, but I don’t mind sharing my thoughts. I’m an open book. 😉

We’ll go in order:

  • Prop 51, no
    • More bond money for more school projects. Flip a coin on this one and take your best shot. I’m a big believer in fixing the education system, but we already spend more and get less out of it than any developed country. This one seems to favor the developers’ pocket books more than the kids, so I’ll vote no. Still, I was on the fence.
  • Prop 52, yes
    • Another flip of the coin but this time I’ll vote yes. I lean toward help for the young, the old, and the downtrodden when it comes to health care. Extend it.
  • Prop 53, no
    • I circled yes the first time I read it, and flipped to no after reading deeper into it. Tying up funds that could go to disaster relief would do more harm than good. In this case, leave the decision local.
  • Prop 54, no
    • Politicizing the process more doesn’t help anything. We need better transparency, but this doesn’t look like a good way to get it.
  • Prop 55, yes
    • This is the right way to raise money for education and other services. No brainer.
  • Prop 56, yes
    • Another good way to raise revenue. Now if only we can spend all this money right.
  • Prop 57, yes
    • Our country has a shameful prison system and we need to massively overhaul it. In the meantime, let’s reassess who we’ve put away, and why.
  • Prop 58, yes
    • Diversity is one of California’s greatest strengths, and dual-language immersion is often the best way to teach. Let individual schools decide.
  • Prop 59, yes
    • Citizens United was a travesty, and the Supreme Court got it wrong. California should take the lead in overturning this terrible decision that further corrupts American politics.
  • Prop 60, no
    • This one just seems silly. It’s a violation of privacy, for one thing, and how do you monitor and enforce it? This one wasn’t thought out well, but it does add comedy to the initiative process.
  • Prop 61, yes
    • Drug prices are out of control. This doesn’t go far enough but it’s a start.
  • Prop 62, yes
    • With an asterisk. If you favor the death penalty, vote no. If you’re against it, vote yes. I’m forever on the fence but my higher self hopes for a better way. Your call.
  • Prop 63, yes
    • We need better provisions to help curb the ridiculous gun violence in this country. This is a good start, but something needs to be done at the federal level to ensure all states comply. Will this help? I hope so.
  • Prop 64, yes
    • Legalize it. Tax it. Regulate it. It’s silly that it has remained illegal this long.
  • Prop 65, no
    • This looks like a plastics industry ploy, not an environmental cleanup.
  • Prop 66, no
    • I’m not sure we should be using the death penalty at all anymore, but if we keep it we don’t need to be speeding it up. The system gets it wrong too often now in the name of expediency, so no.
  • Prop 67, yes
    • I love plastic bags, but they are not good for us or for our environment. This would suck for me and be better for everyone. Yes.

That’s where I stand on the 17 in question. For a junkie like me, who can’t get enough information absorption, it was daunting as hell. Do we really need this many initiatives? Can’t some of this be decided by the representatives we put in place? Isn’t that their job?

We need more than a bevy of propositions to fix the system, we need a system overhaul. We need better leadership and better information.

But for now, this is what we’ve got. Have an excellent election day, my friends; may we all come out winners in the end. 🙂

2 comments on A Proposition For You … Or Maybe 17

    1. Thank you, Yolanda! We are reaching the end of a very contentious election season, and I’m hoping we learn some very valuable lessons from it. We need a coming together now!

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