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2018 Reading List — Dylan Andersen

By on 29 Dec 2017

I had to share this one, too! My list inspired a list, and I’m proud of that, yes, but I also love what this budding, young blogger is doing on a daily basis. The essence of writing is discovery, and this man continues to explore his own strengths and motivations and, as he does, he shares his discoveries along the way.

In this one, he finds a way to illuminate himself in the coming year; to push his boundaries and stretch his mind! Chase passion. Set goals. Construct a plan. That’s how things get done, how lives get filled.

Check out his list, and follow him along on this journey of discovery… and discover a bit of yourself along the way!

My buddy Tom is pretty great. I could write thousands of words of adulation and it still would not scratch the surface in conveying how much he, and his ever-present better half Mrs. C, mean to me. He was my inspiration for starting this blog and continues to be a steadfast source of encouragement, along […]

via 2018 Reading List — Dylan Andersen

15 comments on “2018 Reading List — Dylan Andersen

  1. Oh man! I’m so excited to get started on this list. I’m going to head to the library tonight or tomorrow and get number 1 on my list (a must-read, yes, but one that doesn’t need to be apart of my permanent collection) so that I’m ready for day 1! #6810ToGo #DylanAndTomAreReaders

    Also, as always, thank you for your constant support!

      1. Hi have Ego is the Enemy arriving today, and Homo Deus arriving on Tuesday. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to wait until I reach ‘H’ before I dive into them! At the rate I’ve been reading I might have his list done by July!

        1. That would be an incredible accomplishment, sir. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on them!

          Incidentally, last night I hit the first point in a Harari book where I was like “no, no, no, sir, you’ve got that wrong!”

          It was an uncanny moment. 😉

        2. What point was that? You arguing with a genius? Was it the point in Homo Deus where he stated “there is no I. There is no self. There are only algorithms.”

        3. No, it was on page 210 when he stated this: “For most of history princes and priests wasted their profits on flamboyant carnivals, sumptuous palaces, and unnecessary wars. Alternately, they placed their gold coins in iron chests, sealed them and buried them in a dungeon. Today, devout capitalists use their profits to hire new employees, enlarge the factory or develop a new product.”

          No, they do not. For the most part, capitalists act like the princes and priests of old, wasting their profits on flamboyant self-interest, sumptuous mansions, and the profits of war. The largest of their bounty is placed in digital chests and sealed in offshore accounts. They seek to drive down the cost of employees with wage stagnation, forced multitasking, and benefit cuts. If these profits were indeed re-invested in gains that enriched the company (and, by accident or design, the larger society) we would have better standards of employment, and greater speed of technological advance.

          Capitalism hasn’t changed the motivations of princes and priests, it’s only renamed them tycoon and CEO.

          In his defense, however, because I respect his body of work, I have to assume that Harari means that capitalists would do that, in theory, if they listened to the voices of their better angels. Perhaps just making a simplification. That, however, is unlike Harari, as well.

          But just because I disagree with him on a small point doesn’t mean I don’t find him to be, overall, the great thinker of our time. Even the great ones get it wrong, sometimes. 😉

    1. Hey, Thanks! 🙂
      None of us have a clue what will transpire over the next 365 days but I can assure you that Tom and I can and will do our best to report back on our most successful shenanigans at the very least!

    2. Tom: Gotcha on Hurari. Agreed! Well stated, too. Also just started following your “progeny” Dylan. Let us see what you helped spawn!!

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