Roll Tide

Last night, the people of Alabama did a good thing. The right thing. It was entirely unexpected and, anyway, by a very narrow margin. But enough people in the Heart of Dixie had the courage of conviction to place country over party, and elect Doug Jones to the Senate. A Democrat. In Alabama. Alabama voted […]

Superheroes, philosophy, ethics, and politics

For the last couple of Thursdays I’ve shared incredible work, by others, that has moved me. This trend continues. Armond is an established writer, and a good one. I just downloaded his fiction book, Animus, and purchased his non-fiction treatise, Titans, released earlier this year. The subheading of his blog companion to Titans, which I […]

Looking To 2018

A new friend was catching up on an old blog of mine, this week, and I was reminded that I haven’t addressed the real elephant in the room this holiday season: what’s up for Tom in 2018? I know. I apologize. I’ve had a lot on my mind this year, what with me getting sick this […]

May You Live In (Un)Interesting Times

We certainly live in interesting times. Last year, the least popular Republican candidate for president, ever, beat out the least popular Democrat candidate for president, ever – through a technicality – and became the least popular POTUS of all time. He immediately went to work to enact the least popular presidential agenda we have ever […]