The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Lately we’ve heard more and more about nationalism. In fact, the idea of “America First” was the central theme that boosted the current American president into the White House. His populist message struck a chord among the disenfranchised, particularly the rural disenfranchised seeking meaning in a changing world. This has not happened in a vacuum. […]

Without Somnus

Writer’s block! Not really. I’ve just been busy working on other things this week and haven’t had time to focus entirely on my efforts here. When I have written I’ve found that what I write scores very badly on every Yoast SEO algorithmic indicator known to man. Bad. Very bad. But I don’t let that […]


As most of you know by now I’m not the superstitious sort. I don’t believe in ghosts and goblins, omens or the guiding hand of fate. Things don’t happen for a reason, outside the reason we assign each happening thing. As such, Friday the 13th is just another Friday – which doesn’t suck – and […]

The Joys of (Not) Traveling

Although I enjoy a good road trip from time to time, I’m not really into travel. I like home base. I like to be around my dogs, my computer, my garage fridge, my deck, my world. Some people find that odd, I guess. Almost every bucket list I see says something about “travel more,” and […]

A Lone Gunman Opens Fire

Last night, it happened again. A lone gunman with hate in his heart or madness in his mind initiated an all-out assault on unsuspecting revelers. As of this writing, more than 50 people have died. 500 more lie injured. The gunman is dead. The people who knew him tell us he was the ordinary sort. […]