Month: June 2017

The End of a Thing

By Warner Bros. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Technically, I ought to just skip today’s session and buy the fellas a round this weekend, in thanks for their support. Or maybe I could play the birthday card and wiggle out of that obligation or trade free birthday beers for free blogging beers. Technically, I could fudge on my bet. Technically, I could call […]

Happy Birthday to Me

I won’t bore you with a bunch of birthday resolutions today, you’ve heard all the promises I’m going to make to myself along the way this month. You know how that goes. I won’t talk about the history of the birthday itself, as I thought I might, because how other people in other civilizations throughout […]

My 100th Entry

Today has the distinction of being the last day of my 48th year on the planet, and my 100th entry. I started in January 2016 as a spontaneous idea I had been working on for months. In my journal, in November 2015, I gave myself an ultimatum: write daily until January XX – 60 […]

Crime and the Illusion of Crime

My new favorite local reporter put out the article I was trying to find time to write in my blog, and I’m glad he did. He did it better than I would have. He went out and did some “shoe leather” reporting, as one commenter put it in reply to his story, and that’s not […]

Tom 4.9

As I approach the final week of dailies I also approach my 49th birthday. This is always a time of deep introspection and June nearly always brings some level of previously-unattained personal growth. This year will be no different. The first and most important change I need to make relates to my level of health. […]

The Book I’d Like to Write and Give to Everyone

Now that I’ve gotten this daily writing thing down, I’m thinking of starting a book. I’m still open to ideas on this book. I think I’d like to make it a little bit quirky and self-indulgent. Maybe it could be something about the journey and oddness of life, from the perspective of somebody who sees […]

For a Smile

Well, here we are, boys and girls, in the home stretch. Seven days from today I will have typed my last obligatory words and tombeingtom will return to its regularly scheduled format: whenever I please. Not that I haven’t enjoyed these moments we’ve had together. I actually enjoy stretching for a topic each day, or […]

The Runoff Race in Georgia

"Republican Elephant & Democratic Donkey - 3D Icons" flickr photo by DonkeyHotey shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

The runoff race in Georgia provides an interesting contrast to the political drama in America today, on many fronts. If you don’t know what was happening there, they held an election in Tom Price’s deep red district after Price became Donald Trump’s Health Secretary. The Republicans have held that district since 1979. Victory was assured. […]

What’s On Your Mind, Social Media Star?

If you’re on social media you’ve probably come to the recent conclusion that it’s hot outside. If you’ve gone outside you’ve probably come to the same conclusion. I’m not disparaging the use of social media to project a sense of environment; that’s partially what social media is for. It is an avenue that allows each […]

The Smithin’ of More Words by the Juggernaut of Jargon

I took a little time yesterday and read a few of my old entries. The last 25 to be exact. I really enjoyed it. I found some typos that I’d missed on my final edit the first time around, and I corrected ‘em. They were minor, and easily missed, and there were only 4 in […]

So Cool to Be Cool

Yesterday was one long, hot day. The foreman arrived promptly at 8 o’clock, as promised. His crew, and my new air conditioner, headed to Palo Cedro on a paperwork snafu. That was corrected in short order. The guys were all congenial, but not talkative. They were professional. They got to work. My job was to […]

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