Month: January 2017

Following Passion

I didn’t get a chance to fulfill my weekly blog commitment by Thursday, this week, but here’s why: I’m officially a collaborator with Cali Sports News. 🙂 My first article, Rams Seek Answers Around Goff, has been well-received by readers, is the top trending article on the site at the moment, and has received glowing […]

LA Story

I have a theory. Bear with me, this one gets kind of wacky and involves a brief history lesson. The history lesson starts in 1946. In 1946, Daniel Farrell Reeves, the owner of the Cleveland Rams, struck a deal with the National Football League and became the first person to own a professional sports team […]

On Giving the Man a Chance

“Give the man a chance.” Politics are an amazing, blinding thing. A couple of months ago, the US  elected to president an egomaniacal, authoritarian demagogue. Followers of history might compare this man to Joe McCarthy, a similarly divisive and pompous politician. McCarthy, like Donald Trump, had a run of public success deriding his enemies in the […]

Forever and A Day

I’m getting married this summer. Again. Not like, “again,” like the first one didn’t work out so I’m trying another one. Not like “again” like I’ve done it a hundred times before, like “again” like I’m marrying the best person I’ve ever known all over again. The good kind of again. On July 19th, 1997, […]

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