Month: November 2016

Mission Revisit

As the news continued to pour out of Trump Tower this week about billionaire-selections for cabinet-level posts, and the promise of America took further hits to its central purpose, I dusted off my own mission statement to see if I was living up to snuff. As I explained back in March this document is a statement of my […]

About Them Cowboys

I’m not ready to talk about Donald Trump yet. I mean, I’m paying attention. I’m reading, I’m watching, I’m taking notes. Last night, during a pretty riveting Bengals/Giants game I kept flipping over to the news stations. It was fascinating stuff. I’m hooked. The storyline is unbelievable. Sean Hannity is still unwatchable, but some things […]

A Proposition For You … Or Maybe 17

I’ve been asked by several people over the last few days and weeks about the ballot initiatives in California, so I’ll talk a minute about them. Maybe I don’t remember there being this many in the past but there sure seems to be a mess of them this time, eh? I’ll be brief and keep […]

Reflecting on Hope

I read a great article last week, one that gave me hope. It was filled with some political bias, some subjectivity, but the overall tone is consistent with my own. This is a great time to be alive. The author of the article was Barack Obama. To some 45% of you reading this – statistically speaking – […]

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