Month: October 2016

Looks Like An Early Winter

The missus and I have been fighting a bug all week. She’s still down and out, hacking her lungs out while trying to rest in a Nyquil-induced slumber. It’s 7:07 in the morning on a Thursday, and the rain is pounding against the roof. Our golden dogs just made their way back into the house, […]

Having Had Enough

I’ve had enough. I’m not sick of writing. I’m not sick of blogging. I’m not even sick of politics – my return to the role of “news junkie” has only just begun. I love reading. I love learning. I love the act of synthesizing data to uncover correlations. I love coming to informed conclusions. But […]

Ray Allen, God, and Me

I took a week off. I didn’t open a word document, didn’t light up a blank page with scribbles. I didn’t form an opinion on anything. I didn’t brainstorm or try to transform wisdom into dialogue. I didn’t write one true thing and let it lead to another. I didn’t pontificate at all. I took […]

Seeing the Change We Want To Be

I believe the world is changing. I know it’s hard to see from where we sit today. The view is clouded by the volume of misinformation, the facts of history, our knowledge of human nature, and all this inhumanity we witness. I woke up this morning to the same horrific words and images as you, of […]

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