Month: September 2016

Why I Really Don’t Care If You Vote (and how you can change the world)

I’m not one of those “get out and vote” guys. I’m not. I do vote, but I don’t do it because it’s my civic duty or anything. I don’t think it’s my responsibility. I don’t think it’s yours, either. It’s a choice. I usually take it. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t. There […]

Two Roads Diverged In A Yellow Wood …

I was struggling with some concepts not too long ago. Concepts of identity I suppose you could say. We all find ourselves there from time to time, questioning our own navigational alignment, standing in the place where we live, thinking about direction and wondering why we haven’t before. Apologies to REM. I was. I was […]

A Geek on Sunday

I have a case of the Mondays. It’s not a terrible case, not an end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it, dread-the-coming-week case of the Mondays. It’s more like a ready-for-more-sleep-after-getting-more-done-around-the-house case of the Mondays. I’d just rather stay home for one more day. I won’t. I can’t. I can’t afford the dogs’ brand of kibble on what I make doing […]

One Sunday In

With 87.5% of the games already played for week one, I have some thoughts: The Colin Kaepernick saga continues. Kaepernick himself doesn’t play until tonight, but some players around the NFL joined his silent protest yesterday. A few, like Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters, stood for the national anthem but raised their fists in a […]

The Biggest Game

It’s opening day 2016! I thought I’d take the occasion and re-post my very first entry, published 7 months and 5 days ago on Facebook – just before Super Bowl 50. It’s been a long and intriguing offseason and I can’t wait to get the games started again, for real. Take a moment, if you […]

Autumn Days

The scale reads closer to 180 than I’d like. The morning and evening temperatures are noticeably lower. The sun doesn’t show up quite as early nor stay quite as late. Football – real football – is less than 36 hours away. It’s starting to feel a lot like autumn. Technically, we still have 14 more […]

Raising Joy

I think it’s fairly obvious that I’m a pretty jolly person. I come from a pretty happy family and I surround myself with a fairly happy bunch of friends. I read a lot of books about happiness and I’m attracted to quotes that are uplifting and inspirational. One of my favorite all-time words is “positivity.” I smile and joke […]

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